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Getting around the 'The Big Easy'
Famous for being the party capital of the south, New Orleans is an otherworldly oasis that can turn a casual walk into countless memories. Surrounded by a festive atmosphere that’s known to spur hoorahs in the dead of night, the city lives by a principle that views every hour of every day as a celebration of life. Enjoy the jungle-like beauty as soon as you leave Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport, making sure your visit to The Big Easy is an easy one.


Rides over I-10 Twin Span Bridge

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Located 11 miles west of downtown, the Louis Armstrong Airport is a ways from the city, but offers a scenic drive before arriving to your hotel. With so much distance between you and much-needed rest, transportation can quickly go from being a luxury to a vital part of your trip. Make arrangements ahead of time, giving yourself the chance to take in your surroundings as well as releasing yourself from the hassle of traffic.


MSY airport rides
Shared Ride Vans
For an affordable lift to your hotel, hop aboard a shared ride van, booking with to make things easier the moment you land at the airport. With a driver that knows the city like the back of their hand and a complimentary bag handling service, you can relax as soon as you leave the facility, venturing out into a brave new world. Give way to a grand adventure, freshening up at your hotel, whether it be the highly rated Wyndham Garden Baronne Plaza or the cheaply unique French Market Inn.


MSY airport shuttles
Private Vans
Spend the afternoon exploring beautifully designed parks, one of the most stunning being City Park. With a huge green space that includes as slew of walking trails, willow trees, and an iconic lake, there’s plenty to feel as you contemplate the mysteries of life. Escape with the help of a ride that knows the difference between transportation and relaxation by reserving a private van, giving yourself the gift of vacation stranger-free traveling with or economy/business class with Talixo. Enjoy all the intricacies of a city that refuses to underwhelm by proving to your family they’re worth every penny.


MSY airport sedans
Private Sedans
If you’re traveling to The Big Easy with someone near and dear, be sure to book a ride that’s as intimate as it is practical. With narrow streets and so much to see, parking can be difficult, but with one of Blacklane, A Regal Limousine Service or GOTO LIMOS EXECUTIVE private sedans, every street can be an option. Drive downtown and park on Bourbon Street, enjoying the live jazz and amazing aroma that comes out the windows of fresh Cajun restaurants. For a quick but memorable bite of some locally grown seafood, visit Mulate’s for a rustic dining experience that mixes the art of cuisine with the art of dance.


MSY airport suv
Private SUVs
If you’re traveling to New Orleans with a family, enjoy your surroundings to the best of your ability by reserving a private SUV from Blacklane, Driivers or A Regal Limousine Service. With a ride that’s not only safe, but quiet, you’ll be able to talk about every little thing you see, making memories with every turn you take. For a family-friendly adventure, avoid downtown when the sun sets and spend some time at wholesome institutions like Aquarium of the Americas, a gulf-marine life exhibit that showcases penguins, parakeets, and a slew of tasty restaurants.


MSY airport limos
Stretched Limousines
An important part of New Orleans that many people forget is the city’s ability to show class with little effort. With gambling halls and convention centers around every corner, New Orleans isn’t just a place to party but a place to do business. Make sure you come off as professional as your intentions, getting around with the help of a stretched limousine, courtesy of Limousine Livery, A Regal Limousine Service or ICS, Book A Limo. Show up to decadent restaurants like Antoine’s on Louis Street and arrive to historic hotels such as the 4-star Royal Sonesta, making sure you never miss a note of Jazz or the chance to impress.


MSY airport chartered buses
Chartered Buses
If you’ve traveled with a large group before, you probably know the importance of a roomy vehicle. Because there are so many things to see, food to try, and drinks to guzzle when you visit The Big Easy, going the extra mile is the only way to make your vacation worthwhile. Travelers can make reservations with providers such as ICS, Book A Limo for a roomy chartered bus, allowing you the freedom to move up to two-dozen passengers from historic hotspot to historic hotspot. Head to expansive locales like the Audubon Zoo, a picturesque grounds located in the heart of the city and filled with friendly faces.



Transportation service at MSY airport

Pick up and drop off at MSY airport terminals
When you arrive to the Louis Armstrong International Airport, you’ll immediately feel a sense of relaxation, something that permeates through the traditionally stressful environment of an airport. If you haven’t flown in a while, the entire process may seem a bit foreign to you. Make sure every step of the way runs smoothly by following these quick tips, giving yourself a chance to stay ahead of the curve without worrying about any speed-bumps.


Quick Tips
Airports have become the holy grail for slow lines, aggravated customers, and an atmosphere that builds stress to the point of brink. If you’re feeling stressed about your vacation, take a breather - there’s no reason to stress during a trip that’s meant to relax, and by having a bit of foresight, you can easily turn a bad day into a terrific one. Before heading out on your great adventure, look over these tips, keeping up with the old as well as the modern so your trip is met with unmatched convenience.


→ Prepare Beforehand: Make sure you take control of your situation by looking ahead of time, whether it be through pre-planned transportation or making sure you don’t stay too long in a line. The best way to do this is to write up a unique checklist, something that pertains to only you and no one else. Keep track of personal information, documents, and be sure to make a personal checklist so you can not only keep up with what you haven’t done, but scratch off what you’ve got squared away.


→ Go Digital: In the modern age of technology, everything is changing - and this especially true for air travel. Since the dawn of smart phones, airlines have been clamoring to be the most convenient, the most cutting-edge, and the most simple, giving their guests the added benefit of planning their trip stress-free. Check if your carrier has an app and utilize features like early check-in, making sure you’re the first one on the plane, all while making arrangements from the convenience of your living room.


→ Arrive Early: With tons of security pitstops and a heavy amount of traffic, airports can fill up quick. Whether you’re arriving to your hometown facility or heading to Louis Armstrong International for a flight out, be sure you show up at least two hours early. As the standard time of arrival, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to get past security, check in to your flight, and even grab a bite to eat. Bring something to read or a fun video game while you wait, making sure you’re nice and relaxed before hopping on board.


Make a Checklist
As mentioned earlier, a checklist can go a long way for people who forget the simplest things. With an easy-to-read piece of paper, you’ll be able to look forward to the best parts of your vacation and avoid the worst. Take care of business and enjoy the future of your vacation before you’ve even gotten started, handling the boring now so you can enjoy the excitement later.


→ Check Mobile Carrier: If you’re traveling abroad, make sure you check your mobile carrier to see if there are any surprise charges you should be expecting. Many providers allow their customers to call ahead of time and create a short-term plan that not only lowers expenses, but makes your trip stress-free. Keep contact with loved ones and make sure everyone stays together by handling the situation ahead of time.


→ Bring the Important Stuff: One of the most important things to always keep track of before a vacation is personal health, whether it’s getting enough rest in between adventures or taking all your medication with you. Bring back-up prescriptions in case you need a refill while you’re away - this is especially important because many states either cannot prescribe medication to residents who are not official residents, or the process is incredibly slow and too stressful for a vacation.


Make Copies
If you happen to lose your prescription, make sure you have digital back-ups. You can do this by scanning important documents, creating image files for your passport, driver’s license and social security card. If you lose physical copies, don’t stress too much - the existence of all your important information can be sitting in your email, ready to pull up with the click of a button and the swing of a finger.


Since the devastating attacks on September 11th, airports have never been the same in terms of security. Though the process is stressful and can get a bit aggravating, know that doing your part is for the greater good. Get through lines quickly by planning ahead of time, making sure you keep the line moving fast and get to your flight in a timely fashion.


→ Remove Shoes: Before stepping through customs, make sure you slip your shoes off and place them in the plastic container. Start unlacing your shoes as soon as you step in the security line, making sure your X-ray scan goes smoothly. Although a step this small may not seem like a huge time saver, everyone doing their little part can create a huge overall difference. Make your drop in the bucket count by not taking too much time with steps that should be fleeting.


→ Pack Basic: One of the most inconvenient parts about going through the airport is the process of random screening. One can do everything right, performing as a model citizen throughout their check-in, yet still be pulled aside. It can happen to virtually anyone, which is exactly why you should prepare for it. Make sure you pack your bags simply, so simple that those who have to search your bags will have no reason to spend more than five minutes sifting through your neatly folded clothes. Make sure you don’t bring any liquids over 3.4 ounces as well.


→ Remove metal objects: Show up to New Orleans looking good, but don’t try to show off as you go through customs. An important aspect of stepping through the X-Ray machine that many forget is the fact that you can’t bring any pieces of metal across. Listen to TSA’s instructions as you pass, making sure you surrender your jewelry, your clothing items, and your cell phone. If you have some sort of metal insert due to surgery, say so beforehand so you don’t confuse the agent.


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Nightlife and jazz music in New Orleans
Many say New York is the city that never sleeps, but a lot of those people have never been to New Orleans. With parties happening on every corner, it’s easy to get in on the action and even easier to keep the action going. Before you paint the town red, know exactly what you’re getting into by reading up on some of the most popular landmarks. Whether it’s a historic home or an awe-inspiring French cathedral, the city is brimming with culture to the point you’ll feel like you barely scratched the surface.


French Quarter in New Orleans
New Orleans French Quarter
From haunted houses to live jazz, the French Quarter is New Orlean’s hub of excitement, bringing fun in a variety of forms. Founded by a frenchman with excellent taste, the neighborhood is one of the oldest in New Orleans as well as a central square to a slew of restaurants and bars. While you’re there, enjoy the eclectic art scene by walking through mystical portraits and riding on horse-drawn carriages along streets so rustic you’ll feel like you’ve been transported through time.


French Quarter historic sites
Historic Buildings of the French Quarter
One simply has to open their eyes when they walk through the city to see exactly how historic each and every building is. This is especially true for the Old Ursuline Convent, one of many historic convents started by the Ursuline nuns in the 18th century. The first of its kind, the building is a testament to French Colonial architecture as well as the Catholic religion. Delve into the city’s Spanish side by taking a trip to The Cabildo, formerly the seat of the Spanish colonial government and converted into a beautiful museum. Located across from the St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square, the gorgeous Baroque mansion is sure to leave your jaw on the floor.


Visiting Jackson Square
Jackson Square
As one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, Jackson Square is a historic park in the French Quarter that works as a pillar of the city’s history. Famous for being the site of the Louisiana Purchase, the 2.5-acre plot of land is what has gave Louisiana its shape as well as its culture. Getting inspiration from a variety of French landmarks and old architectural styles, the park’s landscape creates an oasis in the heart of the city. Have your fortune told by pagan mystics through the magic of tarot cards or enjoy traditional stylings of jugglers and magicians as you walk through an unfamiliar world that’s as exciting as it is mysterious.


Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans
Mardi Gras New Orleans
Mardi Gras is the biggest celebration in the south, one of the only times Americans can jump into a French tradition without having to cross the pond. Showcasing feathered fashions and innovative street acts, the week-long festivities are an annual tradition that always takes place on Shrove Tuesday, or ‘Fat Tuesday’. Take part in the collective joy by strolling down Bourbon Street, popping your head into curious bars with interesting people - famous for story-telling, the locals are especially good at holding imaginative conversations.


Mississippi Steamboats
Steamboats of the Mississippi
A large tradition that touches every state that was once part of the confederation is the iconic image of the steamboat. Whether it’s the literature of Huck Finn or the fresh seafood carried from the boat to your plate, the old way of the riverboat is alive and well in New Orleans. Enjoy a cruise along a historic steamboat, whether it’s the beautiful Paddlewheeler Creole Queen or the Steamboat Natchez, delving into the beauty and history that surrounds the great Mississippi.


Staying at Dauphine Orleans Hotel
Dauphine Orleans Hotel
There are historic landmarks around every corner, but few offer the sense of intimacy and elegance that’s at Dauphine Orleans Hotel. The 3-star facility offers more than you’d expect, creating an authentic French palace and courtyard made perfect for wining and dining on. Enjoy the unique architecture and convenient location as well by heading downstairs and going for a walk in through scenic French Quarter. Surrounded by palm trees and just a block from Bourbon Street, a guest couldn’t ask for more.


The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis
St. Louis Cathedral
If you happen to find yourself in Jackson Square, as many tourists often find themselves, visit the St. Louis Cathedral for an inside look at one of the oldest cathedrals in the country. The seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, the ornate architecture and seemingly limitless ceilings create an ethereal experience as you walk past the centuries-old pews. Rebuilt three times over several hundred years, the building has been perfected to a state that’s ready and welcoming to all visitors.


Streetcars in New Orleans
New Orleans Streetcars
There are a lot of corners to cut in life, some of them good, but many of them bad for the sole reason that you miss the beauty along the way. Walk along the road less traveled in historic fashion by utilizing New Orleans’ kitschy public transportation system. Although modern buses run throughout the city by the hour, the famous NOLA streetcars have the ability to not only take you on a straightaway to downtown, but offer an experience that’s sure to create a lasting memory.


Tours at Washington Artillery Park
Washington Artillery Park & Moonwalk
Perfect for families that want to go on a simple stroll, Washington Artillery Park & Moonwalk is just outside the gates of Jackson Square. Offering guests a spacious environment with sweeping views of the Gulf, the gorgeous site is perfect for photo ops. Many wonder why the park is also called a Moonwalk, but if you visit the seaside trail at night, you’ll find out exactly why. Lamplit for romance, taking a moon walk at Washington Artillery Park is one of those things you just have to do before leaving.



New Orleans Jazz
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
A celebration that occurs in New Orleans in the late spring featuring an amazing line up of well-known singers, food such as crawfish and cajun jambalaya and crafts for the entire family.
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Shuttle transfers at MSY airport
Louis Armstrong International Airport
An international airport that continues to grow each year offers travelers the closest airport to the French Quarters and the many festivals that it offers throughout the year.
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport