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Oct 20, 2021
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If you’re unsure about where to start in terms of sightseeing, leave every turn to one of ridesharings. Experience the magic of the Great Lake city by not only traversing through nature, but also seeing important historic landmarks as well. You can start your day of exploration off by heading to the locally famous Pabst Mansion, a Gilded Age house museum that offers daily tours and delicious beer.


Another great thing about ridesharings is their inherent ability to show every passenger the hidden gems o Milwaukee, from trendy bars to delectable treats. One of the most visited watering holes in town is the historic Wolski’s Tavern, which is host to great cocktails, darts, and friendly company.


Close to so much Midwestern beauty, visitors checking out Milwaukee are not only fortunate enough to be surrounded by cultural landmarks, but Mother Nature’s majesty as well. Spend the day driving around the Menomonee River, which is just one of three primary rivers that run through the city.


You can’t spell Milwaukee without ‘walk,’ but you certainly can’t get around town without driving. Get to destinations worth actually walking or wasting your time by reserving a driver that knows how to get you to your destination quickly and with a few interesting comments as well. Contact us to get picked up by one of their ridesharing, utilizing the knowledge of a real local.


Ask for ideas on places to see an incredible show, and you’ll most likely be pointed toward one of three directions, the biggest being the Eagles Club. The multi-stage landmark has been known to feature worldwide music festivals and live shows that have gone in the history books for creating legendary nights.


If you’re more in the mood to see something unique as well as quietly beautiful, don’t ask but demand your driver to take you to the Forest Home Cemetery. Located in the heart of Lincoln Village, the historic graveyard takes up over 200 acres and is home to some of the world’s most powerful politicians and elite, giving those who walk above ground a strange presence of passed energy.
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