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From breezy wharfs to busy downtowns, Massachusetts is a historic part of the country that knows few bounds in terms of how to see the world. This is especially true in terms of the world-famous colleges and universities scattered across the colonial land, a tour worth taking if you’ve got the right ride to do so. From business travelers visiting for opportunity to potential students ready to make the plunge, having all the difficult parts taken care of is the first step toward enjoying something worthwhile.

Get a shared ride van to take you on a tour through whatever town you’re interested in, something especially necessary if you’re visiting the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, a rural area known for its spacious facilities and relaxed outskirts. For something more at the heart of the area’s going-ons, consider a walk through Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an 1861 facility with as much history as excitement. Nothing says you’ve made it, however, like the bright and shiny doors of Harvard University, a landmark of the Cambridge area that’s always well-suited for luxury rides, whether it’s a limousine or executive sedan.