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Whether you’re visiting the northeast business giant for a view of the Atlantic or seeking out some new clientele for business, Maryland makes unwinding as easy as getting to work. Look forward to all the unique expos and mass events offered by the local community, whether it’s close access to downtown after work or an all-in-one hotel included in your convention. Know there’s something simple waiting on the other side as well by having a helpful shuttle or shared ride van ready to give you a lift.

For those traveling to the mega-city of Baltimore, get to the massive Baltimore Convention Center with a stylish limousine, making your appearance as slick as the downtown surroundings. If you’re heading to the smaller Mt. Washington Conference Center, consider a shuttle from one of the many nearby university hotels. Convention guests heading to the seaside resort town of Ocean City will also have a lot more to look forward to than what’s at Roland E. Powell Convention Center, a beautiful waterside facility as popular as the smaller Ocean City Convention Center down the coastline.

A northeast haven renown for its views of national forests and interconnected blue ridge foothills, Maryland offers an old town backdrop for those interested in getting to know one of America’s original thirteen colonies alongside a wide variety of inlet towns perfect for nature explorers interested in a rural hike. Discover an array of business opportunities through the redbrick hue of downtown Baltimore and Bethesda, all by having the right lift ready - whether that means taking in the many nearby DC business opportunities with a convenient meet-and-greet service, or enjoying the intimacy of a private vehicle on the way to Ocean City’s sunny beachside ideal for group trips to the state’s famous coastline.

Maryland Meet & Greet Services
Whether you’re visiting the northeast region to try out some of Maryland’s famous blue crab or seeking out new clientele around the stoic red brick exterior of The Baltimore Convention Center, Maryland makes unwinding as easy as working with. Look forward to all the unique expos and local community events with a meet-and-greet service by your side, whether it’s through the old world elegance of a chauffeured limousines through downtown, or a wide variety of taxis that can make drop offs to busy narrow streets made simple. Those traveling to the Roland E. Powell Convention Center can especially get to know the beauty of Ocean City with the tips and recommendations of a local personal driver.

Maryland Private Transfers
Those traveling to Maryland’s capital city of Baltimore should not only enjoy downtown events but pay close attention to the region’s natural backdrop, a feat done especially simple with a private ride. Take a self-guided tour through shoreline beauty with a sedan, or take a fun group trip to the inland hills of William Houck State Park via SUV. Large work groups heading to the more intimate ambiance of Mt. Washington Conference Center can use it as a chance to see Baltimore’s quiet north side, reserving a chartered bus to discover cool nearby landmarks like the Liberty Reservoir and Loch Raven Reservoir Park, or simply enjoying the forested backdrop on the way to Thurgood Marshall Airport.