Maryland Convention Centers shuttles

Maryland Convention Center airport transfers

Whether you’re visiting the northeast business giant for a view of the Atlantic or seeking out some new clientele for business, Maryland makes unwinding as easy as getting to work. Look forward to all the unique expos and mass events offered by the local community, whether it’s close access to downtown after work or an all-in-one hotel included in your convention. Know there’s something simple waiting on the other side as well by having a helpful shuttle or shared ride van ready to give you a lift.

For those traveling to the mega-city of Baltimore, get to the massive Baltimore Convention Center with a stylish limousine, making your appearance as slick as the downtown surroundings. If you’re heading to the smaller Mt. Washington Conference Center, consider a shuttle from one of the many nearby university hotels. Convention guests heading to the seaside resort town of Ocean City will also have a lot more to look forward to than what’s at Roland E. Powell Convention Center, a beautiful waterside facility as popular as the smaller Ocean City Convention Center down the coastline.