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Mar 03, 2024
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Rushing is never a good feeling. but when in Rome one must play the part. Turn the hassle of rush into a thrill by enjoying the fast-pace lifestyle everywhere you go, whether it’s at the bustle of LaGuardia or the hustle of JFK. Make things easier by getting a helpful shuttle transfer from the tarmac to your hotel room, afterward enjoying the city’s best, whether it’s a cafe that makes the day shine brighter or a quaint park teeming with local culture. Manhattan’s undeniable speed is sure to get you going, which is exactly why you should be prepared to take it on.


Start the day off right by arriving to a temporary home that astounds as much as it welcomes. A good place to consider is the iconic Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel, an elegant Irish space that compliments the old world with the modern, offering extra perks that range from house drinks to room service. 3 blocks from the subway, the site is also at arms-reach of downtown’s happenings, about as much as The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel. A block-wide facility home to efficiency rooms and an art-deco theme, you’ll be sure to get a low-cost room at the center of Manhattan’s universe.


When the dust of your trip settles, make your way into the city so you can get a look at some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Get a panoramic view by walking across The High Lane, a mile-long eco-bridge that offers sweeping views of the Hudson River across the west side. For something closer to the heart of the island, head to Bryant Park, a green space home to urban lawns as well as same-block distance to the NYC Public Library. Hit up the food trucks while you’re there, taking in the open-air buzz and classic architecture that flows with the city’s pulse.
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