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Sep 26, 2022
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Lulea Airport Transportation

Just south of the extraordinary city of Lulea, Lulea Airport is a scenic gateway into hundreds of islands along the Gulf of Bothnia. Home to a surreal mixture of cottages, villages, and beaches throughout spontaneous terrain, you’ll want a reliable vehicle to not only enjoy the ride to your hotel but the art of being in such a strange place. Do so with a variety of options listed below, from casual meet-and-greet services that include stretched limousines & taxis to private lifts that showcase the region’s beauty with the added gift of privacy, whether it’s a romantic trip with a sedan or casual family vacation in an SUV.

LLA Transportation
With just a few bus lines traveling throughout the main terminal, shuttles can come in handy at Lulea Airport. Get around with ease by booking with either area shuttle or sedan providers, making the most out of each moment with a pick-up as easy-going as the locals. There are also a range of car rental services and taxi reservation kiosks after baggage claim.

Shared Ride Van
Go simple when you make your reservation by going with a shared ride van, a solid ride due to its low-cost pricing and added perk of custom drop-off points, whether it’s to your hotel or popular downtown neighborhood. Book with local shuttle companies to make it happen, getting lost in tomorrow’s adventures by making the right move quick.

Private Van
Finding a family-friendly adventure in Lulea is easy, even easier if you’ve got a private van from local shuttle providers, looking forward to each moment the day has to offer, whether it’s a unique exploration of all the city’s museums or a waterside stroll across the urban greenbelt that looks out at the bay.

Private Sedan
Stick with the intimate at heart by going with a private sedan, reserving with area sedan companies for an inside look at countless attractions worthy of quiet strolling. Explore the world famous church towns that surround the city, or look forward to a scenic drive sure to make the time fly by quick, all while enjoying the quiet in the middle.

Local Personal Drivers
Those interested in finding out what the locals know should go with a local personal driver to get the scoop, finding out where the best hidden beaches are as much as which restaurants serve the best burgers. Also perfect for finding out where cool events, festivals, and celebrations are going down, you’ll essentially have an all-access pass to the heart of Lulea.

Private SUV
Make sure you’ve got something to keep the ball rolling by booking a private SUV from area companies, taking the family across wide adventures with a ride that keeps everyone as safe as they are comfortable. Whether you’re interested in the amusements inside 360 Trampoline Center or just want to enjoy a cozy view at a café, you’ll have it all taken care of.

Taxi Cab
Those heading to Kulturens Hus for an event or convention should make everything fine & dandy with a taxi to as your mode of transportation, avoiding the hectic hassle of traffic as well as the minutes spent finding a parking spot. With speedy response time, you may want to consider the lift for easy-going rides to the airport.

Stretched Limousine
Make the evening something to cherish with a ride that can carry your memories in stride, booking a stretched limousine for fine dining as well as classic spa treatments in resorts along the water. With local transfer service providers many models ranging from small executive lifts to roomy rides big enough for a bachelorette party, you’ll be more than equipped.

Chartered Bus
Fitting at least a couple dozen passengers, you’ll be more than good to go in a chartered bus. Be your own chauffeur when it comes to toting around big groups, reserving the huge ride for all the room in the world, whether it’s for a sports team in town for a match or huge family trying to enjoy the day while it’s young.

LLA Airport Terminals
Lulea Airport only offers a single passenger terminal, which offers a range of modern amenities & services updated in 2013. A proud eco-friendly facility, everything can be found on one floor, from eateries & duty free shops to VIP lounges. There are also a range of taxi & car rental stands that utilize Ground Transportation taxiway, not to mention a few conference rooms perfect for speedy meetings.


Lulea Airport Shuttles

Though Lulea Airport doesn’t get a heavy flow of traffic, it’s still a great place to get a leg-up on starting your trip. Do so with a ride that offers reliable pick-up times, scheduling a shuttle from local taxi or sedan providers to get a relaxing ride that lets you kick back after a long flight.

Understanding how much there is to do in the region is best done by finding the closest landmark to your hotel, whether that means hanging out on the north side’s exhibits at Teknikens Hus or walking across quaint piers & villages near Notviken. West city attractions include the Norrbotten Railway Museum, made famous for its views of the water and vintage locomotives, while downtown travelers have the crème of the crop of walking-distance landmarks, many of which include historic hotels & churches.

We suggest to those who book a shuttle to have all the important information written down, memorized, and double-checked with the original confirmation email. Also pay attention to time zone changes and the location of the pick-up zone before you arrive. Don’t let yourself get lost in a place that’s easy to get back on the right track by seeking out an information desk as a last resort, or call your shuttle service provider with the number given at the time of booking.

About Lulea Airport
One of the best parts about mixing work and play is the art of staying comfy. Stay extra comfy with a nearby hotel for your travels, the closest option being the Arctic Hotel & Conference Center, located north of the airport and home to a kitschy cabin theme complimented by 3-star amenities popular with business travelers. A slightly more distant option is the isolated Hotel Örnviken, another business stay with its own conference center as well as coveted view of the water from the tranquil village of Karlshäll.

Find a way to make your layover feel easy by looking forward to the many on-site goodies ranging from the sports bar grub at O’Learys to the contemporary eats at Mat & Fika. For something more casual, hang out at Café Skafferiet, which offers gourmet treats and coffee, while nearby shops include Duty Free Stores perfect for in-flight snacks and quick reads. There is also a Ms. Pac-Man arcade game that can be an addicting way to watch hours fly by, not to mention the relaxing art of planes constantly soaring over.

If you’re staying close to the airport and want something fun to do without having to delve into the city, look forward to the vintage aircrafts and history lessons housed within the exhibits at Flight Museum F 21, located behind the airport and offering the beauty of another time. For something more off the beaten trail, head west toward ExploreLulea, a famous outdoor activity organizer that offers the opportunity to see the western tundra via ski mobile.

Lulea Destinations
With so many things to do in Lulea, it can be easy to do a ton without having to go too far. Start with the historic Gammelstad Church Town, one of the region’s most popular attractions located on the far north side and offering a village renowned for its quaint community and astounding cathedrals. For something more central, check out the Museum of Norrbotten for gorgeous views at 14th-century living within a historic red-brick mansion. Cross the Älvbrovägen Bridge either by foot or by car to experience the majesty of the Gulf of Bothnia afterward, taking in the view from the historic Bergnäsbron landmark waiting at the end of the bridge.

Enjoy your time at the heart of the city by hanging out in Stadsparken for a few minutes, watching the city’s bustle from a location that gets a lot of pulse jumps. Spend some time at Smedjan afterward, taking a break from the great outdoors to explore dozens of local shops & eateries, afterward complimenting the storied mall with the equally popular Strand Galleria down the street. No trip to Lulea would be complete without a sit-down at Bastard Burgers, a popular end-of-the-day eatery for those looking to enjoy Sweden’s favorite meal as well as vegetarian options.

Lounges at Lulea Airport
There is one SAS Café Lounge at Lulea Airport, which offers free Wi-Fi, faxes, drinks, and comfy seating a bit quieter than the main terminal. Access is free for SAS Lounge Members as well as select economy tickets – passes can also be purchased at the lounge’s front desk.

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