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Sep 26, 2023
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Kjevik Airport Transportation

Located in one of the most scenic regions of south Sweden, Kristiansand Airport serves the nearby city of Kristiansand, offering an old way of life alongside classic 1800s Europe. Made famous for its neo-Gothic designs and colorful boat houses, you’ll have a lot to explore the moment you arrive to the city. Get there with ease by reserving the right lift to carry you the way, choosing between private sedans, SUVs, chartered buses, and vans, or enjoying casual meet-and-greet pick ups from providers that range from the opulent to the simple.

KRS Transportation
Because the airport doesn’t offer any kind of light rail or train system, making sure you take care of yourself is imperative to enjoying your time in Kristiansand. Get through the region easily with a shuttle waiting by ground transportation, utilizing the help from either local sedan or taxi providers to relax in the expertise of familiar hands.

Shared Ride Van
A great option for those looking to get around on a budget, shared ride vans offer patient rides into town, the airport, and beyond. Contact area shuttle companies to schedule a custom drop-off, whether it’s to a special event at Q42 Conference Center or your hotel for check-in, all at the ease of stepping on board.

Private Van
A family that stays together has fun together, something that can easily be done with the help of a private van from local shuttle companies. Get to widespread locations by making sure everyone can come along for the ride, whether it’s for a day of park side activities at Ravnedalen or the unique natural history at Agder Natural History Museum & Botanical Garden.

Private Sedan
Enjoy the quiet side of life by looking forward to the help of a private sedan, reserving with local sedan providers to look forward to the region’s coolest hang outs as long as you want. Whether it’s a day of hiking across vast parklands or a sunny afternoon soaking in rays at the beach, scattered in every direction.

Local Personal Drivers
Make sure you’re as aware of the hidden gems as you are the most obvious attractions, all by booking a local personal driver for your adventures. From which lookouts offer the best views of the city to which theaters create the most stunning atmosphere, it’s easy to know your way around so long as you’ve got a special guide to show you the way.

Private SUV
Families in search of something pretty should get a view with an SUV from area companies. Fitting up to six passengers, the lift is perfect for scenic rides across the outer hills that make up Ravnedalen Park’s forests as well as downtown’s riverside shops & eateries lined across the Otra River.

Taxi Cab
Whether you’re visiting town for a business meeting or just want a commitment-ride from the airport to your hotel, a taxi can take you far. Get from point A to point B at the speed of light by reserving a classic yellow pick-up, arriving fast and cheap with someone who knows the region well.

Stretched Limousine
Make things elegant by booking a stretched limousine for your time in Kristiansand, arriving to posh eateries and grandiose performances with a ride that knows the meaning of grace. Book with a stretched limousine from local providers to get a chauffeur to show you the gorgeous side of town, moving throughout the seaside escape at a lavish pace.

Chartered Bus
Go on an expansive journey with over a dozen people by reserving a chartered bus for long adventures across town, whether that means looking forward to the historic halls of Christiansholm Festning or spending as much time as possible at Aquarama Bad Water Park.

KRS Airport Terminals
Home to only one passenger terminal, Kristiansand Airport is a small facility that offers a single restaurant, shop, and all the necessary services you’d expect, including an information desk, lost & found, plus a play area that make for easy ways to pass time.


Kjevik Airport Shuttles

Relatively far from the hustle of the city, Kristiansand Airport is surrounded by low-traffic and beautiful South Norway scenery especially worth admiring if you’ve got a ride with a view. Book a shuttle from either local sedan or shuttle companies to go about the day the moment you land, taking the road slow with wide windows and the benefit of total relaxation.

If you know what part of town you’re headed to, learn about the region before starting the excitement. Those hanging out on the east side of town have a wide array of exotic creatures and rides at the massive Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park to explore, not to mention village-themed shows at Kardemomme next-door. If you’re staying on the south side, take time to explore the history at the underrated Kristiansand Cannon Museum, which doubles as the historic grounds of Møvik Fort.

Make your shuttle reservation an easy thing to look forward to by having all the important information details handy, from where to find your pick-up to what the vehicle will look like. If you’re lost and need some guidance, head to the main terminal information desk to make sure you’re heading the right direction, also considering a phone call to your provider in the event that you land late.

About Kristiansand Airport
Surrounded by lush nature and offering instant access to a private beach, Kristiansand Airport isn’t the worst place to find yourself stuck. Make your layover a vacation by reserving a room close to the facility, arriving to nearby stays in the small village of Hamreheia in less than five minutes. Home to a range of waterside stays and resorts like the 3-star Hamresanden Apartment Hotel and Angsar Summer Hotel, plus a couple of camping sites, the quiet eastern outskirts of downtown Kristiansand are perfect for assuring an on-time arrival to your departure.

A small facility that doesn’t see a lot of traffic, finding ways to pass time while you wait can be difficult in the barren terminal. Grab a bite to eat at Deli de Luca Norge AS, an on-site deli that offers pre-made fruit cups, sandwiches, and drinks. Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi for quick entertainment as well, letting hours pass with a movie or tv show in the palm of your hands. There is also a Duty Free Shop that sells tax-free goods perfect for stocking up on unique souvenirs, in-flight goodies, and interesting reading material.

If you find yourself hanging out in the region near the airport, learn about the nearby fun today so you can have a good time tomorrow. Surrounded by small villages and towns including Ryan, Kragebein, and Hamrahe, there are a variety of locally owned eateries, riverside parks, and old churches to explore. One of the most popular areas to visit is the isolated Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, which offers acres of amusement park rides, fair food, and wild animals from various corners of the globe.

Kristiansand Destinations
As the capital of its county, Kristiansand is a small town with a big population, offering a water-locked downtown perfect for feeling the breeze of the North Sea everywhere you go. Start the day by exploring a range of exhibits, moving from the modern pieces at SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum to the low-key installations at Kristiansand Art Hall around the corner. Compliment the artsy with a mix of history and landscape at Agder Natural History Museum, home to a botanical garden and located on the northeast side near the University of Agder. See living history by also visiting the vivid interior of Kristiansand Cathedral, placed at the core of the city and across the street from the busy benches of Vigelandsparken.

Go forth into the undiscovered once you’ve seen the most popular attractions, starting with the good times at Aquarama Bad, a massive indoor water park known to offer its massive tube slides, light-up pools, and on-site restaurants come rain or shine. Delve into the vast trails at Ravnedalen afterward, enjoying the winding paths that lead to the neighboring park of Baneheia while showcasing the north side’s wildlife. Witness the town’s most iconic views by setting some time aside to visit the Fish Market on the far south side, walking through cobblestone streets littered with colorful boat houses, seafood joints, and views of the North Sea.

Lounges at Kristiansand Airport
Due to the small size of the airport, there are no VIP lounges offered at Kristiansand Airport, though there is free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal as well as some quiet corners on the second floor. The facility is also home to four conference rooms perfect for getting work done in privacy.

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