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From the roaming pastures of the outskirts to the relaxed scenery in one of the many historic downtowns, Kansas is a bevy of beauty in almost every corner. This is especially true with the local university scene, a part of town worth seeing whether you’re in Wichita or Kansas City. Make sure you’ve got nothing but bright doors to look forward to by making the fist one you open a reliable one, something easy to do if you pay attention to what transportation is available.

For those heading to the University of Kansas, indulge in the beautiful 1866 campus by getting there in a style that matches the scenery, utilizing a private sedan for freedom of exploration or enjoying a convenient van for a group experience. For a more quiet getaway, head to Kansas State University to the west, home to an award-winning engineer program and irresistible barbecue perfect for enjoying the afternoon. Another unique school on the cusp of becoming something great is Pittsburg State University, a quiet southeast school that offers easy access to the Missouri-Arkansas-Oklahoma border.