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Jammu Airport Transportation

Located on the far north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu Airport is just south of the city of Jammu. Across the roar of the Tawi River and surrounded by the scenic mountain landscape of the Himalayas, enjoying the view is easy when you land, even easier if you get a ride that can continue the tour, whether that means getting some guaranteed alone time with a private rental or arriving to the right place at the right time with an efficient meet-and-greet.

IXJ Transportation
With a few bus lines along RS Pura Road, located adjacent to the airport, and close access to the nearby Jammu Tawi Train Station, Jammu Airport offers decent access to public transportation. Avoid the hassle of having to wait on a schedule by reserving a personal shuttle instead, going through either area executive or private sedan companies for rides when you need them and sights where you can see them.

Shared Ride Van
Book a shared ride van as your escape into all-inclusive resorts, whether it be the opulence of Hari Niwas Palace on the northside of downtown or the family suites at Hotel Raghunath, which place guests walking-distance from the Tawi River. Make it all happen through local transfer providers, reserving today so you can relax tomorrow.

Private Van
Those in need of a ride that can easily transport up to a dozen passengers should reserve a private van through local shuttle companies. Enjoy an eclectic mix of family-friendly getaways that include massive museums, ornate palaces, and inspiring temples, all at the ease of staying together in between.

Private Sedan
Find a quaint corner of town by booking a ride that offers the same along the way, reserving a private sedan with area providers for all the freedom in the world to explore, whether you’re interested in driving across the Tawi River’s many bridges or feel like venturing through the Himalaya’s famous foothill highways.

Local Personal Drivers
Take advantage of all the local getaways by booking a local personal driver as your handy chauffeur, remembering Jammu for its underrated charm, from a variety of riverside cafes and upscale eateries that look out at nightly lit temples.

Private SUV
Families in search of a ride that can carry up to six passengers safe and comfortable should reserve a private SUV for an easy lift through diverse landscapes, whether that means taking a stroll across the historic ruins of Akhnoor Fort or visiting the classic forest creatures at Manda Zoo.

Taxi Cab
As the winter capital of India’s state of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu gets quite a bit of seasonal business, making taxis especially helpful for conferences, conventions, and meetings. Avoid the traffic on your way to your hotel as well, also booking the reliable yellow cab for 24-hour lifts anywhere, anytime.

Stretched Limousine
See the fanciful side of town by reserving a stretched limousine with area limo providers, making a grand first impression at each of the city’s finest establishments, from the shimmery interior of Imperial Grill Restaurant & Legends Pub to the endless brand name stores at Wave Mall.

Chartered Bus
Huge groups exceeding over a dozen passengers should get through the area without ever separating, booking a chartered bus to make it to expansive locales ranging from the heritage exhibits at Dogra Art Museum to the hilltop festivities and towering cliff trails at Pingla Mata Range.

IXJ Airport Terminals
Jammu Airport is a single-terminal facility with two levels of service and amenities that include: free Wi-Fi, shopping, restaurants, cafés, baggage claim, luggage carts, security, a tourist information desk, Himalaya helicopter rental services, and occasional live music.


Jammu Airport Shuttles

A relatively small facility in comparison to most Indian capital metropolises, Jammu Airport offers limited access by public transportation, making shuttle reservations a must-have. Book through either local sedan or shuttle companies to get around with ease, whether you’re in need of a lift to the Jammu Tawi Train Station, which is located 4 miles (7 km) away, or a single drop-off to your all-inclusive resort perfect for forgetting the rest of the world.

Find a corner of Jammu that speaks to your soul by simply glancing over a map, hovering over each corner of the area to find where you’d like to spend your time, whether it’s the east side across the Tawi River, which includes a trendy scene surrounding the University of Jammu and close access to the fun parks and aquariums, or west side of the Tawi River, which includes the city’s central temples and fun museums. Just north of the city lie the foothills of the Himalayas, while the south side offers quiet suburbs and villages that make for simple business stays away from the city and close to the airport.

Get picked up without hassle by making sure you keep up with your shuttle reservations, the easiest way to do so by printing out your confirmation email the moment it arrives. Be sure to write down any additional information on a separate sheet of paper, from hotel check-in time to where your ride plans to drop you off, not to mention emergency phone number. Another good thing to keep on-hand is extra printouts or digital scans of important documentation ranging from medical prescriptions to driver’s licenses, all to reduce each potential mountains to simple speed bumps.

About Jammu Airport
Located 6 miles (4 km) from downtown Jammu, Jammu Airport makes getting to the city a breeze, even easier if you decide to stay in a nearby airport hotel. The best options are along Railway Road, which include Hotel Grand Inn, Shivak Hills, and Hotel Le Roi Jammu, each exemplary not only for their relaxing location east of the Tawi River, but nearby access to the Jammu Tawi Train Station. An especially popular business stay is Cygnett Park Asia due to its location just before the Tawi Bridge as well as next door access to the University of Jammu.

A great way to practice patience is by having fun with what Jammu Airport has to offer while you wait for your departure. Grab something to eat from the limited restaurants and snack bars, which include sweets from Baker Street, dry fruits & Kashmiri food courtesy One Tree, and an on-site airport restaurant with a full all-day menu. Shops include formal wear from PAVERS England as well as a duty-free shop selling various in-flight goodies and souvenirs ranging from classic Bollywood DVDs to unique trinkets.

Travelers planning to book a hotel near the airport, or simply on the east side of the Tawi River, have a lot of great getaways at arm’s reach. Enjoy an afternoon stroll at Valmiki Nagar Park, home to relaxing gardens and cobblestone pathways, afterward sitting down for a meal at Aroma Multi Cuisine Family Restaurant down the street. Another great place to go on a scenic stroll is Digiana Pully Park, a small strip of canal-side greenery that runs adjacent to Park Street shops and cafés. Last but not least, the Tawi Bridge offers instant access into the city as well as gorgeous views of the Tawi River’s majestic flow.

Jammu Destinations
As the largest city in the Jammu side of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, finding something to do at the heart of downtown is as easy as walking around. See the morning break across the water from a beautiful corner of Amar Mahal Palace, a former royal palace converted to a museum that offers great views of the Tawi River. Continue your exploration of ornate things by heading to the Dogra Art Museum afterward, sifting through ancient artifacts alongside modern wonders, each taking you through centuries of classic Indian life. For some family-friendly excitement, head to Fish House, a gorgeously designed aquarium located within the popular park grounds of Baag-e-Bahu, or enjoy a walk across the small acreage of Manda Zoo, a vintage facility home to forest creatures, reptiles, and tropical birds.

Fall in love with the area’s 19th-century temples at some point as well, moving from the famous red-brick design and massive statues of Shiva at Ranbireshwar Temple to the dreamlike spires and hand-carved interior of Shiv Mandir. The mother of all worship sites is Raghunath Temple, a massive complex of 7 shrines known to put on a vivid neon night show after dark. Another great place to spend dusk at Baag-e-Bahu, a beautiful landscaped park with terraced landscaping, ancient fort ruins, and multi-colored fountains that light up the night sky. Grab a bite from the best eatery before leaving town, choosing between the luxurious ambiance of Falak Revolving Restaurant or the casual self-serve snacks and sweets from Pahalwan at the Gold Bazaar.

Lounges at Jammu Airport
There are no known VIP lounges in Jammu Airport, though the main terminal arrival lounge was expanded in 2016 to accommodate for more passengers.

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