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Visiting Long Island City and transfers
The city of Long Island City is in New York in the westernmost part of the state and transportation to Long Island MacArthur Airport is quite important if you want to get through traffic. It is mostly a residential and commercial city that is home to a number of businesses. The city’s residential property is rapidly growing and it features elegant waterfront parks with a vibrant arts community. The city is home to a great collection of art galleries, art institutions that an art lover may find welcoming and exhilarating. Long Island City is welcoming to visitors and if you happen to be planning a trip here you should consider touring these amazing and great place.


Long Island is a metropolitan area, hosting a majority of people hailing from the corporate world. Therefore, the swiftness of life and efficiency of the processes is a must thing here. This applies to the airport as well. This is why the services here are too quick. The airport directly attaches to the Underground Railroad as well as shuttle bus services, offering an easy commute to and from the airport, to other parts of the island.


Even though the airport is small, but this doesn’t let the quality of services go down. The services are very good providing a comfortable and safe journey to the passengers. Apart from being user-friendly and having top-quality services, the other thing which makes this airport so special is the absence of any other airport in the close proximity. The nearest airport in the vicinity is JFK airport, which is miles apart. Therefore, many of the locals of Long Island prefer ISP Airport over other nearby options. The low price of parking ticket coupled with good food options also add to its value. The specialty of the place is local flights as there aren’t many direct international flights offered from here.


Long Island airport shuttle

Long Island MacArthur Airport Shuttles
Due to its luxury lifestyle, amazing career opportunities, and many recreational options, Long Island attracts people from almost all parts of the world. The best way to get here is the ISP Airport, present in the midst of the island, allowing the equal approach to people living in every corner of the island.


ISP airport rides
ISP Shared Ride Vans
Long Island MacArthur Airport is a rather small facility, admirable for its high-efficiency and readily available transportation. Contact the company and ask about special deals before you reserve a seat on the already-affordable shared ride van service. Get a ride to your hotel while your luggage is handled with care and respect, allowing you to enjoy your visit without any worries on time.


ISP airport shuttles
ISP Private Vans
If a shared ride van doesn’t satisfy your time crunch, book a private van with our many trusted names in Long Island transportation. If you’re wondering what there is to do during the day, a little bit of research will show that Long Island is both bountiful in nature and incredibly historic. Once you’re on the road with your private van, check out Theodore Roosevelt’s 1880’s home at Sagamore Hill, among other remarkable locations like the old estates and mansion gardens at Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park.


ISP airport sedans
ISP Private Sedans
If you’re in the mood to go on a contemplative walk, whether it be by yourself or in the presence of a loved one, get around town in an efficient and reasonable car. Book a private sedan and check out the lesser-known areas of Long Beach, including the beautiful flowers at Old Westbury Gardens, where you can spend hours walking, or Robert Moses State Park, a historic beach spot that has countless secluded places to stop and admire the sunset.


ISP airport suv
ISP Private SUVs
SUVs are an awesome way for groups big and small to get around, especially if you’re planning on spending the day shopping. Rent out a private SUV, courtesy of local service providers, and go for a walk at the world-famous Coney Island. See the iconic beach, go for a ride on all the amusement park rides, and have a tasty corndog, all while enjoying the convenience and comfort of your very own car. When you’re done, explore other fun parts of the city, like Adventureland, a family-friendly park with even more rides as well as virtual arcades.


ISP airport limos
ISP Stretched Limousines
555 East American Steakhouse is a chic steak venue that has a huge wine list and a widely varied menu. Take your stretched limousine to delicious restaurants like this, provided by area companies, and spend the rest of the night bar hopping through Long Island’s vibrant nightlife. Whether it’s The Long Island Bar, which has tasty cocktails in a nostalgic setting, or Dutch Kills, a rustic speakeasy with craft beers and mixed drinks, there’s no doubt that you’ll be facing some tough choices.


ISP airport chartered buses
ISP Chartered Buses
Big groups get ready – Long Island is home to some of the world’s finest beaches, from Tobay Beach to the amazing waters at Robert Moses State Park. To get there together, get reliable transportation by booking a private chartered bus. The good thing about getting your own bus is that you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, making it the perfect vehicle for late-night on the town.



Swimming at Astoria Pool

Visiting the Astoria Park Pool
This is a public swimming pool found in Astoria Park, which opens in the summer for all those who’d like to go for a dip.


→ If your visit to Long Island City happens to fall on the last week of June you should consider taking your family to the pool to enjoy swimming with other families that you will meet there.


→ Before you get to the pool it would be wise to check first about what kind of requirements there are to go in.







Art at Noguchi Museum

The Noguchi Museum
The Noguchi Museum is an open-air museum featuring a beautiful garden that was created by Isamu Noguchi and one amazing thing is that his ash is preserved in the gardens of the museum.


→ You will be able to see the great works of Noguchi inside the museum such as his sculptures in the museum’s rooms.


→ Find some time to visit this museum and in the end you and your family will leave it contented with your visit.



Visiting Fisher Landau Center for Art

Fisher Landau Center for Art
The Fisher Landau Center for Art is a non-profit modern art museum, which sits on a square foot area that is dedicated to Emily Fisher Landau.


→ The collection of artwork in the art museum features 1,200 pieces of art dating back from 1925 to the present.


→ A visit to the museum will enable you to see great artwork such as those of Donald Baechler, Richard Artschwager, John Baldessari, Alfredo Jaar, Jenny Holzer, Neil Jenney, Donald Judd, Jasper John, and so many other great artists.


→ You will be able to see Emily Fisher Landau’s artwork collections done by modern art masters right in the center of the museum.



Graffiti Heaven artwork

Graffiti Heaven
One of the lesser-known attractions in the area is the 5 Pointz Aerosol Art Center which is an outdoor exhibition area where graffiti artists go to do what they know best on a factory building wall.


→ You might also want to note that for you to put up your graffiti there you have to get permission to do so.