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International Convention Centers near airports

International Convention Center transportation reservations

Convention centers are an emblem of each city; a buzzy network hub offering unique ways to shake hands, alongside the chance to escape into exotic cultures. The joys of convening are not only in the location but people met along the way - whether that location be in the snow-capped mountains of Aspen or the bustling streets of Singapore, it’s important to keep transition in mind.

Keep fun groups intact with a wide variety of large vehicle options like sedans, vans and SUVs perfect for venturing toward unfamiliar terrain with absolute freedom, or discover all the world wonders through the eyes of someone who knows, a variety of meet-and-greet services ranging from local personal drivers who understand the local way of life, to stretched limousines ideal for upscale arrivals to world-renowned event venues.

And for those looking to shake hands while keeping costs to a minimum, go with a taxi, saving time and money with each transfer, as well as the priceless opportunity to blend in for stand-out moments. With many convention centers close to hotels and airports, guests can especially benefit from the chance to move from one busy spot teeming with passerby to the next, whether it be in Australia’s famed Melbourne Convention Centre along the southern shore, or Chicago’s enormous McCormick Place.

There are so many amazing places to hold your next trade show or convention around the world. Explore your options and make sure you find a venue in an exciting location that’s sure to make people want to attend your event in droves.

Don’t forget in the course of your planning your event that your guest will be likely flying in to go to your convention. Don’t leave them out in the cold to find their own way to the hotel or convention center. Contact one of our group sales specialists to help you find the best solution to get your group from point A to point B so that you can keep your focus on booking speakers and booths that will wow your audience.