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Attractions in Wilmington, Delaware


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Transportation to top activities in Wilmington
Wilmington, Delaware is the first Swedish settlement in all of North America, making it a first in many regards. Located at the intersection of the Christina River and the Brandywine River, the city is both beautiful and simple. The population is dwindling, making it a great place for tourists to take advantage of cheap hotel stays as well as quiet walks through downtown, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to see in Wilmington.


These days Wilmington is home to lots of beautiful historic sites and natural wonders. From rivers and gardens to a variety of museums and a top-notch zoo, Wilmington is a great place to visit. If you are traveling with your family there are plenty of kid-friendly attractions that will be tons of fun for you and the smallest member of your group.


Wondering what to do while you are in town? Don’t worry, there are tons of things to fill your time with. First, the Brandywine Zoo is a great place to see when the weather permits. The zoo features over fifty types of animals and weekly story times on Thursdays and reptile shows on Saturdays and Sundays. Not an animal enthusiast? No problem, indulge your cultural appetite at the Delaware Art Museum where you can view over thousands of breathtaking works of art. History buffs will love visiting sites like the Hagley Museum and Library, the Winterthur Museum, or the Nemours Mansion and Gardens.


Wilmington airport shuttle

Wilmington Airport Shuttles 
ILG airport is commonly known as the New Castle County or New Castle Airport. The airport is located in New Castle County just a few miles of Wilmington and only about thirty miles from downtown Philadelphia. Located just outside the city center with a major road that leads straight to it, Newcastle airport is easily accessible. There are easy options for airport shuttle services or taxis to spend a day or few hours exploring the city if you are stopping at the Newcastle airport. Always make sure that you get back to the airport in time to make your flight after exploring.


ILG airport rides
ILG Shared Ride Vans
Once you get to Wilmington International Airport, you’ll want to head out as soon as possible – the facility isn’t necessarily a bad place, but it’s not usually the most comfortable. With large crowds and bumper-to-bumper traffic, there are plenty of reasons to go for the low-cost route of reserving a shared ride van.


ILG airport shuttles
ILG Private Vans
There’s plenty to see in town, especially in terms of museums. Visit all of them by having enough room and enough time, reserving a private van for your entire party to use. Contact us and use your ride to see the 19th century Bellamy Mansion, a house-museum with neoclassical architecture and gorgeous trinkets. Another great place visit is the modern Cameron Art Museum, which displays a slew of historic pieces.


ILG airport sedans
ILG Private Sedans
Experience the romanticism of the massive gardens of flower as well as lakes upon lakes at Airlie Gardens, a park built in 1901 as a private garden, the intimacy of its original design still felt to this day. Arrive to this beautiful location in your own private garden in the form of one of our local ground transportation providers who offer private sedans, each vehicle made perfect for a quaint drive through the many landmarks of Wilmington.


ILG airport suv
ILG Private SUVs
The good thing about having your own vehicle is the fact that you get to choose where you want to go, exploring for as long as you want. If you’re a family that likes to hit the road on your own time when you get into town, skip shared transportation and reserve a private SUV. Spend the day visiting the many beautiful beaches of Masonboro Island, where you can go camping, fishing, and even kayaking.


ILG airport limos
ILG Stretched Limousines
Put some time aside to sit at one of the Hibachi tables of Hiro Japanese Steakhouse, a beautiful fusion of Eastern and Western delicacies. You can show up to the fine dining hotspot by booking a stretched limousine to whisk you away, each vehicle coming with its own driver and yards of space, great for large parties or deep reflection. To get your evening started for the most elegant rides, heading out to other 5-star locales like the stately Hotel du Pont, a grandiose building with an iconic martini lounge.


ILG airport chartered buses
ILG Chartered Buses
Wilmington isn’t known for a lot throughout the world, or at all for that matter, but one of the biggest local events is the annual North Carolina Azalea Festival, which is home to community celebrations gathering for the largest festival in the state. Get everybody there as early as possible by reserving a chartered bus. The vehicle comes with your own driver, who is fully knowledgeable of the streets and capable of taking you anywhere in a jiffy. Be sure to call ahead of time and make sure there’s enough room in the bus, also asking if there are any special offers.



Visit the Delaware Art Museum

Delaware Art Museum
Located in the Kentmere Parkway, the Delaware Art Museum is one of Wilmington’s greatest treasures. Home to artifacts from all over the world, the museum was founded by the Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts. Most of the collection is focused on American art throughout the 19th and 21st century.


→ The Delaware Art Museum offers programs for young and old alike. Make sure to check the schedule when you arrive to see what you’d like to attend and plan your museum visit accordingly.


→ The impressive collection of works here includes paintings by artists such as Gabriel Rossetti, Howard Pyle and John Sloan to name a few. Art lovers will enjoy the variety of pieces on display.


→ From time to time the museum also has special Exhibitions on display for its patrons to enjoy. These follow different themes or artists and offer a more in-depth view of a particular genre.




Visiting the Nemours Mansion

Nemours Mansion and Gardens
Located on a country estate, the Nemours Mansion and Gardens is a classical French mansion. The chateau has over 100 rooms as well as five separate floors, making for a perfect day of exploring. It also serves as a charity, sharing the land with a hospital for children sponsored by the Nemours Foundation.



Wilmington's Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House of Wilmington
The Grand Opera House is a Masonic Hall and Grand Theater meant for viewing performance art. The four-story building was inspired by the Second Empire, incorporating imagery and symbolism from the era of Freemasonry by utilizing cast iron, a beautiful spectacle for any architecture enthusiast.


Flying into Wilmington International Airport
Wilmington International Airport is located just a few miles north of downtown Wilmington, making it incredibly easy to travel back and forth. If you’re in need of a rental car, you should be able to find one at the gate.


Wilmington Airport Transportation
There are several taxi services, from AAA Coastal to Crystal Blue, but if you’re looking for a top of the line shuttle service, you can book a ride with Delaware Express, a company that’s been helping out tourists and visitors for over 30 years.


Nearby Hotels in Wilmington
Visit the Westin Wilmington for a modern night of luxury and high class. Located on N King St.., the hotel has its own pool as well as free Wi-Fi. If you’re more in the mood for something modest, you can stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton instead. With a 3-star rating and only a short five-minute drive east of the city, this hotel has free breakfast as well as free Wi-Fi, not to mention a lower price.


Wilmington Restaurants
For a blast in the past, visit The Melting Pot, an amazing restaurant that looks old school, but offers casual dishes like fondue. If fondue doesn’t sound interesting to you, visit the Big Fish Grill on the Riverfront, a fun place to get a diverse array of seafood.


Things to do in Wilmington
If you’re bored with all the cliché Wilmington things to do, check out the incredibly beautiful Brandywine Creek State Park, one of the hilliest parks in the country. Another eerie, yet amazing location is the Rockwood Museum, which is essentially a park/mansion.