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Guwahati Airport Transportation

Located on the far west side of Guwahati, India’s massive riverside city known for its hilltop temples and grand hotels, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International offers scenic terrain the moment passengers land. Look forward to even more beauty by booking your ride ahead of time, enjoying the freedom of following your own schedule with a private ride ranging from simple sedans to exquisite chartered buses, also considering the absolute convenience of a meet-and-greet service. Choose between taxis for business meetings or shared ride vans for one-time lifts, all at the ease of following the mountain’s breeze.

GAU Transportation
With relatively close access to the city, GAU International Airport offers decent public transportation options, including buses and taxis available outside ground transportation, as well as the nearby Azara Train Station. For something more instant, you can also book a shuttle through either local sedan or limo providers, enjoying the priceless perk of custom drop-offs as well as on-time pick-ups, not to mention competitive rates that make your trip a steal.

Shared Ride Van
Those planning to mostly hang out near their all-in-one hotel/resort should go with a shared ride van to make the time pass quicker, making arrangements through area shuttle companies to enjoy all that your paradise has to offer. From good times at Aarian Woods Resorts on the far east side to the downtown oasis of Hotel Rajmahal, there’s a wide range to look forward to.

Private Van
Enjoy the rhythm of the region with up to a dozen passengers by booking a private van with area shuttle companies, looking forward to expansive locales ranging from the wild animals at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary to the unique riverside setting of Umananda Temple.

Private Sedan
Enjoy the day with total intimacy by booking a private sedan from area sedan providers, looking forward to all of Guwahati’s hidden corners, whether it be one of the many museums exploring local culture and wildlife to the forested surroundings of the Basistha Temple.

Local Personal Drivers
A good way to feel like you truly saw a place is to get the perspective of the locals, something that can easily be done with a local personal driver. Reserve your ride to make the most out of the region’s unknown landmarks, whether it be the riverside restaurants that wind through the city, or the mountainous landscape waiting just a few miles in every direction.

Private SUV
With up to six passengers at your side, getting through a busy area can be hard if you don’t have the means. Make all tasks simple with a private SUV from area shuttle providers, making it to family-friendly getaways ranging from the countless rides and waterslides at Accoland to the snowy castles of Dreamland Amusement Park.

Taxi Cab
Those attending an event at either IIT Guwahati Conference Hall or Maniram Dewan Trade Centre should make things simple with a commitment-free taxi as their drop-off, avoiding the hassle of downtown traffic and hectic parking with a 24-hour ride that can get you anywhere, anytime.

Stretched Limousine
See the fancier side of Guwahati by booking a stretched limousine as your shining chauffeur, making it to opulent locales by contacting local limo providers. From the fine dining experience at Kalita Spectrum Dine to the unique mountain top shows of Dakshineswar Bhuyan Memorial Lab for Theatre Practices, there’s a lot to of ways to make memories.

Chartered Bus
Carry over a dozen passengers with swift ease by booking a chartered bus above all, looking forward to the unique landscape of Nehru Park alongside countless massive forests on the outskirts like Cherrapunji-Mawsynram Reserve Forest, famous for touching the Bangladesh-India border.

GAU Airport Terminals
A relatively small airport, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International is home to only one terminal that handles both domestic and international flights. With a much larger terminal under construction and expected to open by 2020, what is available now will be a mere fraction of what will be available in the future.
- Current services/amenities include: currency exchange, ATMs, a nursery room, free baggage trolleys, duty-free shops, souvenir stands, restaurants, free child care room, a tourist information area, a first aid room, and a smoking lounge.


Guwahati Airport Shuttles

Just west of the airport and surrounded by the fresh air of the mountain’s creeping foothills, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International is the perfect way to introduce yourself to India’s rarely seen east side. Make it even more special by having a reliable ride carry you through the riverside wonders, booking a shuttle through either area sedan or taxi cab providers to make each memory count.

Enjoy any side of town by making sure you’re walking-distance to the coolest areas, something to keep in mind before booking your hotel, whether you’re wanting to stay close to the flow of the Brahmaputra or walk to the beach from one of the many Bazaar neighborhoods, whether it be Paltan Bazaar or Fancy Bazaar, one of the most popular being the northeastern Uzan Bazaar. For gorgeous high-altitude views and hillside streets, choose between Sarania Hills or Chandmari, both of which are on the east side.

Don’t miss out on the day by hopping on your shuttle at the right time, keeping track of all information as well as proof of purchase by printing out your confirmation email. You can also utilize the help from the tourist information area, taking advantage of their telephones for local calls, or asking them for directions. Be sure to scan your physical documentation as well, keeping digital records of your medical prescriptions, ID, credit cards, and passport – and in case of an emergency, have all important phone numbers written down as well.

About Lokpriya International Airport
A little over 15 miles from downtown, Lokpriya International Airport offers instant opportunity to not only see the beautiful city of Guwahati but its hilly outskirts. Make transportation that much more easy by booking a room on VIP Airport road, choosing between the family-friendly atmosphere of Hotel Airport Nest to the modern efficiencies at Treebo Hotel Rudraksh. Other options include the Hotel Kings Castle and the Kiranshree Grand, both of which offer an upscale atmosphere and on-site restaurant, while the western-friendly Radisson Blu Hotel Guwahati is located a bit further east, offering 4-star treasures in absolute serenity.

Enjoy a wide variety of on-site entertainment during a delay, starting with where to grab a bite. For something fast, choose between the finger food at Vaango a bucket or the classic recipe at KFC Guwahati Airport. You can also enjoy coffee from a café, or a couple restaurants offering a more delayed experience. Walk through the stores select shops afterward, looking forward to designer shoes, handbags, and more at Pavers England, or sift through the many silks and fabrics at IIE Udaan Haat. Duty-free shops and souvenir stands are also available.

If you do decide to stay close to the airport, keep a promise to yourself that you’ll explore the region’s many unique landmarks. From the ] waterslides and hilly terrain at Accoland Amusement Park to the dense forested trails at Tribal Village National Forest, there’s almost too much to see in the immediate area. One of the most visited hotspots is the Poor Billy's Bird Watch Tower, located on the southern shore of Deepor Lake and offering a gorgeous look at the massive waterside retreat surrounded by small parks, temples, and a train station that makes for easy rides to downtown.

Guwahati Destinations
Experience the beauty of the Assam state, exploring the city of Guwahati’s many 18th-century English influences as well as ancient island temples. Start the day with something simple, visiting Kamakhya Temple for a large plaza complex perfect for an all-day adventure – constructed in the 7th century, the village atmosphere is one of the city’s most treasured landmarks. Check out Umananda Temple via ferry afterward, taking photos at the famously colorful monuments and temple walls that rest within a small forest on Peacock Island. For something a bit more modern, head to Nehru Park, a popular hotspot due to its refined gardens, statues, and quaint play areas.

Explore the city’s many downtown museums when you get the chance, moving from the aquarium & mine exhibits at The Regional Science Centre to universal wonders at Guwahati Planetarium. Another great all-in-one locale perfect for the family is Shraddhanjali Kanan, a famous park filled with gardens, playgrounds, and fountains, while the unique scenery of Garbhanga Forest easily keeps guests occupied with an even blend of wild nature and manmade structures. Look forward to the end of the day by making your way to Barbecue Nation for dinner, soaking in the upscale staple especially beloved for its happy hour menu and sweets.

Lounges at Lokpriya Airport
There is one lounge at Lokpriya Airport, which is on the international side of the terminal. Prive Lounge offers free Wi-Fi, reading material, televisions, conference facilities, and a flight information monitor.

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