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Shuttle rides at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

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Getting around Fort Lauderdale and local beaches
As soon as you land at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, you’ll notice you’re not in a small town, but a thriving global metropolis. Located on Florida’s southeastern coast, the city has a modernized public transportation system, including the Tri Rail, which is a commuter train that provides shuttle buses from FLL terminals to the airport station at Dania Beach. Because of this, Dania Beach is the most easily accessible coast to the public, with other nearby parks like Fort Lauderdale Beach Park and Bahia Mar Fort along the same stretch of road. This iconic road is Seabreeze Boulevard, and it’s one of the most recognizable streets if you live in South Florida.

Once you get a ride, you’ll be driving through the crème of the crop in terms of destination choices, whether it be delicious restaurants or unbelievable sunset views. Getting out of the airport is just the first step to getting to this area, but with the helpful convenience of the Tri Rail, private rentals, and the airport’s close proximity to Seabreeze Blvd, traveling along this main road shouldn’t be a problem. One of the best ways to consider getting around is renting a private vehicle, an industry that’s a bit pricier than public transportation, but also of much better in quality, especially in terms of comfort and time.

FLL airport shuttle ride
Ground transportation at FLL Airport
Located in the heart of Broward County, FLL Airport is located in a largely accessible city from the perspective of both the public as well as travelers. Because the county has such a large pool of tax-dollars to pull from, there are a variety of different ground rates, from shared ride vans to luxury sedans, but nothing quite beats riding along the Tri Rail or even the Sun Trolley, both of which offer extensive range as well as an undeniably fun way to get around town.
FLL airport rides
Shared Ride Vans
If there are one or two people in your party and you need to get to your hotel swiftly and comfortably, reserve a shared ride van from GO Airport Shuttle & Executive Car Service. By assisting with baggage and offering a cheap alternative to more luxurious private choices, FLL airport is sure to offer shared ride van providers that are just as efficient, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into other alternative choices. Contact us ahead of time for a pick up/drop off schedule, allowing you to plan around the important timing.
FLL airport shuttles
Private Vans
Allow yourself the breathing room of getting around town without focusing on a tight schedule by booking a private van, courtesy of or GroundLink, traveling to locations like the beachside shops of Las Olas Boulevard in comfort and class. If you’re more in the mood for a historic journey, visit the artsy plantation home, Bonnet House, a historic building that offers daily tours and gorgeous gardens.
FLL airport sedans
Private Sedans
The great thing about Fort Lauderdale isn’t just the many beaches, but the diverse wildlife within the state, including tropical forests and exotic creatures at the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Reserve a private sedan from either Kiwi Taxi and Blacklane, each one offering comfortable leather seats and your own personal driver that knows every local destination, from the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
FLL airport suv
Private SUVs
For mid-sized families looking to travel in relaxation, a goal that can only be accomplished through tinted windows and reclining chairs; you might want to look into reserving a private SUV for sightseeing. Book a ride with Moveo or Larry's Private Car And Limo Service, checking out interesting landmarks like the art deco design and nightlife boardwalks along the famous South Beach.
FLL airport limos
Stretched Limousines
Spend your nights extravagantly by visiting some of South Florida’s greatest eateries, whether it be the sophisticated Italian at Casa D’Angelo Ristorante or the seasonal American dishes at Seasons 52, a beautiful modern kitchen with a vast wine menu. You can get to luxe locales such as these and many more by scheduling your driver to pick up and drop you off wherever you want in one of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation premiere limousine rides.
FLL airport chartered buses
Chartered Buses
Fort Lauderdale is a great place for massive groups to take a fun trip, especially if that group happens to be interested in the arts. Visit Parker Playhouse, a venue for drama, dance and musical concerts, by booking a chartered bus courtesy of ICS, Book A Limo, allowing you and everyone in your party to visit other groundbreaking landmarks like the New River Inn, a beautiful little hotel built in 1905, offering guests unique one-of-a-kind rooms as well as a beautiful look out at the water.


FLL airport rides
Getting around the terminals at FLL Airport
There are four main terminals at FLL International Airport, each one having different access to different garages. The Palm Garage is home to Terminal 2, Terminal 3, and Terminal 4, while the Hibiscus Garage allows access to all four terminals. Meanwhile, the Cypress Garage offers access to only Terminal 1, also allowing access to offices, car rental, and area-relevant pamphlets. Knowing which airlines that are situated and at which terminal is detrimental to knowing where you should be picked up or where you should park. Whether you’re travelling domestic or abroad, you should be able to figure out your plan according to the following information – you can do even more for yourself by considering these extra tips.

Extra Tips for Airport Traveling
There are a few general rules to abide by when traveling via airplane, whether it’s tip-toeing strong security laws or making sure you’re one of the first to step foot on your flight. By following these easy tips, you’ll not only be able to get out of FLL Airport with quick ease, but know most airports like the back of your hand as well.

Ever since heightened terrorist activity worldwide, airports have strengthened their security for good, allowing the benefit of safety, but the inconvenience of long wait times as well. Although the additional safety is an extra hassle, there are still measures you can take to make sure you get through without any troubles.

→ Undress; Digress: Before stepping into the TSA line, be sure to remove all metals from your person, dropping them into the X-Ray box as well as any technological devices. Make sure your shoes are untied and already off as well, saving time not only for yourself but your fellow passengers.

→ Don’t Pack No-Nos: There are a variety of common items that have been banned, including fluids like conditioner, soda, or pretty much any other kind of liquid. You should also avoid packing any weapons or anything that can possibly be conceived of as a weapon – this includes pepper spray, sharp objects, or swiss army knives that, although serve useful purposes, put the rest of the people onboard in danger, making it understandable why you can’t bring one on.

→ Comply, Comply, Comply: If taken aside for further inspection, an occurrence more common than not due to the random screening set in place, stay calm and comply with the TSA agents. Make sure you do as they say and question all answers without coming off as a questionable suspect. The more you show you have nothing to hide, the sooner you’ll get out of a random screening.

FLL Airport has a lot to offer, especially in terms of in-lobby entertainment. Whether you’re interested in having a pre-flight cocktail or simply want a good book to fall asleep with, the many shops and restaurants alongside FLL airport terminals are quick to suffice.

→ Restaurants: With four different gates to sit near, there are plenty of places that offer delicious food, from the pretzels at Auntie Annie’s to the appetizing suppers at Chili’s Too. If you’ve got at least an hour to kill and are interested in a unique dining experience, visit Food Network Kitchen for all-star dishes and a full-on celebrity atmosphere.

→ Shops & Gifts: It’s not uncommon to find yourself at the airport, ready to get home but completely unprepared for an impromptu celebration. With awesome books like those at CNBC News & Gifts as well as specialized trinkets from the Hallmark Gift Shop, you’ll not only be able to find something for someone you love, but a little treasure for yourself as well.

→ With Mailsafe Containers adjacent to the passenger checkpoint, phone charging stations available 24 hours as day, and a slew of ATM machines, you shouldn’t run into any service issues at FLL. The FLL Currency Service Center, which exchanges different currencies from around the world, is also in service from 9 – 5:30 in Concourse C near Baggage Claim.

Time Management
FLL Airport can get pretty hectic on certain days, especially if it’s the weekend. To make your experience go smoothly, check out these quick time management tips, which can be useful if you’re flying pretty much anywhere.

→ Check-In Early: Whether you’re flying with Virgin or Southwest, practically all-modern airlines offer online check-in, making it incredibly easy for passengers to nab early entry onto the plane. Be one of the first to board by finding out what the check-in time is, most of which are late at night and at least a day before the actual flight. Be sure to also download any existing apps for whatever airline you’re flying with, giving you the advantage to check in anywhere.

→ As much as you may want to leave the airport early, this is actually advice on leaving your home. It’s common practice to make it to the airport at least two hours ahead of time in case you run into any issues, whether it be a security back-up or unexpected lines at baggage drop-off. Be sure to abide by this common traveler’s law, making sure you get on your plane ready and equipped.

→ Prepare: Be expected for anything at an airport, especially an international facility as massive as FLL. One of the biggest obstacles many passengers dread is the unlucky advantage of having to be selected in a random baggage screening. To make sure events like this don’t drag on longer than needed, show full transparency and pack your bags easy enough to sift through at quick glance. You can also prepare in many other ways, from dressing comfortably to preparing your own in-flight lunch.

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Things to discover in Fort Lauderdale
With a variety of fun beaches and delicious dishes, from Cuban to Japanese, Fort Lauderdale has become a coveted destination for couples, families, and businessmen looking to get a tan. Once you’ve got your trip planned, transportation situated, and feet ready for adventure, there’s only one thing left to do – have fun! With a slew of beachside attractions and a small 20 mile-distance from Miami, there are almost too many things to do in Fort Lauderdale, but the following attractions are the best of the best.

Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale
Riverwalk near downtown Fort Lauderdale
Many cherish the area because there isn’t too much to see, which has its downfalls, but the Riverwalk ultimately offers guests even more reason to take a walk alongside the tranquil waters of the Tarpon River. With tons of things to do, from Segway tours to free water taxis, you’ll get your filling of Fort Lauderdale architecture, seeing the fun and vibrant architecture as well as other landmarks. The Riverwalk is also home to a variety of restaurants and interesting shops, making it the perfect afternoon stop for families.
Fort Lauderdale Beaches
Fort Lauderdale Beach
Known for being one of the city’s most popular coasts, Lauderdale Beach is a beautiful and adventurous vacation spot that’s designed to be the ultimate getaway for families and the greatest break from work. With a variety of luxury hotels and a reputation for being a low-key getaway, the picturesque scenery will carry you away like a boat destined to set sail. Be sure to head out to the beachside on Friday for live music and a slower pace – the city shuts down the seaside village, turning it in to Lauderdale By The Sea once the sun goes down, allowing guests access to popular diving spots and a three-tier natural coral reef system just meters from the shore.
Cruise ships in Fort Lauderdale
Cruises in Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale is a popular cruise-stop, opening major ports for cruise companies like Riverfront Cruises, Carnival Cruises, Tropical Adventure Cruise, and many more. Whether you’re staying with Royal Caribbean International for an eight-day voyage or are simply planning 3-4 days of packed activities, restaurants, and bars on the quaint, but enthralling Oasis of the Seas, you’ll soon find out that Fort Lauderdale is the perfect city to depart or arrive from. The city’s cruise port is located at Port Everglades, a port right around the corner from downtown, offering standby visitors the benefit of finding a quick lunch and soaking in the sun.
Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Located in Fort Lauderdale’s heart and soul, the Broward Center for the Performing Arts is a massive multi-venue theater designed by award-winning architect Benjamin C. Thompson. With astounding acts and an entertainment haven for the city’s Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District, the hall was renovated in 2014, making it one of the most modern facilities to date. Annually, the facility has been receiving over 700,00 guests per year, giving the city a helpful boost and allowing even bigger acts to consider visiting the South Florida city.
Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science
Museum of Discovery and Science
Founded in 1976, the Museum of Discovery and Science is an ever-expanding spot built for knowledge and growth, a facility designed perfect for families looking to stretch their imaginations. Spend the afternoon having fun at the turtle watch tour or indulge in an eye-opening film at the newly renovated IMAX Theater, which is host to a variety of shorts that are as educational as they are thrilling. If you’re from the area, you may want to consider getting the Summer Savings Pass, but if you’re just visiting the rate is fair.
Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterways
Intracoastal Waterway of Fort Lauderdale
Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway is one of the state’s most incredible landmarks. With over 715 miles that stretches across several cities and two separate states, one can venture nearly half of America’s eastern coast, depending of course on how much time they have to kill. Lucky for visitors of Fort Lauderdale, the Intracoastal Waterway also happens to pass through the heart of downtown, giving way to a variety of boat tours, kayaking opportunities, and miles upon miles of calming fisher spots.
Las Olas Boulevard
Las Olas Boulevard
With several restaurants and luxury stores designed perfect for pro-shoppers, Las Olas Boulevard offers travelers something no other beach does, which is the opportunity to stay in downtown and right beside the coast at the same time. Spend the evening strolling the boulevard, walking down cool breezeways while popping your head into old shops from the early 1900s, each one a staple of Las Olas history. The famed street is also home to 3 world-class museums. 12 major art galleries, and countless dining options.
Downtown Ft. Lauderdale area
Attractions near FLL airport
There are so many attractions to choose from when you come to Fort Lauderdale whether it is leisure or if you are on a business trip travelers can many places to visit.
Fort Lauderdale Attractions
Beaches near downtown Fort Lauderdale
Beaches of Fort Lauderdale
The coast of Fort Lauderdale is lined up with beaches for tourists to enjoy and soak up the sun with activities for friends to enjoy or smaller ones to avoid the crowds.
Airport rides to Fort Lauderdale beaches