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Visiting Des Moines and discount transportation
Des Moines, Iowa is a city where dreams come true on the daily. With a sizable population of over two hundred thousand the city is the most populated in the state of Iowa, and it’s growing significantly fast. If a healthy economy is a healthy city, then Des Moines gets a clean bill of health.


Recently Des Moines was ranked the "Best Place for Business" in Forbes Magazine. Recently, massive businesses like Facebook, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard all set up shop in the downtown Des Moines area, making it almost impossible for the city not to benefit.


Des Moines is the largest and most populous city of the state of Iowa. It is not a huge city compared to other larger conurbations inside the US, but still, it is of adequate size to match its reputation as the capital of Iowa.


There are many things the city is famous for. One is its golf as countless golf courses are scattered everywhere around the city. The love of locals for the game is beyond imaginary. Another thing worth mentioning here is the beauty of the city which is enhanced by the bypassing River Moines. Situated at one of the banks of the river, the city offers amazing scenes to the visitors.


Shuttles to airport terminals


Des Moines airport shuttle

Des Moines International Airport Shuttles
The best and easiest way to get here is using air travel. The airport nearest to the city is DSM International Airport. The facility offers nonstop flights to almost all big cities inside the US. There are numerous companies which host international flights as well. Due to high competition, you get to enjoy amazing deals and huge discounts on your air travel.


The airport is a civil-military venture, serving both the armed forces as well as the local residents of the area. Due to the presence of a forces base in the airport, the security here is always high, due to which the place is highly dependable. With the likes of professional staff, countless food options, huge sitting area this airport is surely one of the finest we have on our list here.


DSM airport rides
DSM Shared Ride Vans
As soon as you step off the Des Moines International Airport, you’ll be happy to see that our providers will be waiting to take you to your hotel room, safe and sound. Don’t worry about taking care of your bags or having to spend a fortune on a taxi meter running in the middle of traffic. Instead, contact us ahead of time for sweet deals and speedy transportation.


DSM airport shuttles
DSM Private Vans
For hefty-sized groups, be sure to have everyone squeeze into one of our private vans, a nearby Des Moines transportation company that offers a variety of roomy vehicles. While out, take the group to a slew of indoor and outdoor animal exhibits at Blank Park Zoo for a fun day looking at exotic species as well as rare plants landscaped around historic garden beds.


DSM airport sedans
DSM Private Sedans
The intimacy of private sedans can be admired by booking your own vehicle from our providers. Take your simple car to a simple location by driving over to Living History Farms, a beautiful outdoor museum that teaches the history of agriculture in a fun way. If you aren’t satisfied with how the day’s gone, visit another spot and take the car to Terrace Hill, an astonishing governor’s mansion with tours provided daily.


DSM airport suv
DSM Private SUVs
Whether you’re a family on the go or an adventurous bachelorette party, we can help out with your stay by offering some of the best SUVs on the market. Enjoy the privacy of each vehicle by taking a quaint ride through Riverview Park, an amusement park filled with a variety of attractions and other free events. If you’d like to make your blood rush more than a roller coaster, take a visit to Prairie Meadows, one of the state’s largest and most exciting casinos.


DSM airport limos
DSM Stretched Limousines
There are plenty of stylistic hotspots scattered throughout Des Moines, but one can only get there if they look the part. Arrive to one of the city’s most incredible museum and theater, the historic Hoyt Sherman Place, and get there looking like a million bucks by reserving your very own private limousine. While you’re out, stop by one of Des Moines’s premiere luxury hotels, Des Lux, an upscale resort with modern drinks and impeccable dishes.


DSM airport chartered buses
DSM Chartered Buses
For groups that are larger than normal, consider getting your own chartered bus for easy traveling. Visit the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, the city’s biggest facility of plant exhibits as well as high-class art galleries. You can get there easily by booking a chartered bus ride from our local service providers. Another fantastic facility worth visiting is the Wells Fargo Arena, which has recently been renovated and is home to NBA games, concerts, and other events.



Visiting the Iowa State Fairgrounds

Visiting the Iowa State Fairgrounds
Every August, Iowa looks forward to an eleven-day stretch of food, local talent, and of course – butter. The Iowa State Fairgrounds is an American cornerstone not only because it has been around since the mid-1800’s, but because it is especially unique. Attractions include a variety of food, from hotdogs on a stick to gluten-free tapioca, The Bill Riley Iowa State Fair Talent Search, which has been going on since 1959, promising to discover local Iowa talent for decades to com, and the biggest, and possibly the weirdest attraction at the Fairgrounds, The Butter Cow, which explores the Midwestern art form of butter-sculpting.


→ The Iowa State Fairgrounds is massive. In fact, it covers almost five hundred acres and has twenty four different venues.


→ Make sure you don’t leave the State Fair without seeing the infamous Butter Cow display, located in the Agricultural Building.


→ Iowa’s State Fair is known for its food, especially food on a stick such as bacon corn dogs and deep fried pickles, twinkies and snickers bars.




John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park

Pappajohn Sculpture Park
Speaking of sculptures, Pappajohn Sculpture Park is a more modern attraction that’s sure to please the contemporary art-goer. Opened in 2009, the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park showcases a variety of artwork from all around the world. With 22 different artists being represented, the park features 28 unique pieces across over four acres of gorgeous Iowa land, all sculpted and designed by artful landscapers so that the art pieces are both complemented and highlighted.



Des Moines Downtown Farmers' Market

Des Moines Farmers’ Market
If there’s anything a Des Moines local will tell you, it’s that the Downtown Farmers Market is the first and last place you should go on your visit. With dozens of local vendors and food programs, you’re almost guaranteed something as fresh as it is delicious at just about every corner. Some people have favorite restaurants and some like to go on food walks, tasting a little bit of everything. Either way, there’s really no wrong way to do it.


Flying into Des Moines International Airport
Des Moines International Airport has the benefit of practically being in the heart of downtown, and with such close proximity, getting a ride outside the airport shouldn’t be that hard. There are rental services available from Enterprise and Hertz, not to mention several taxi services waiting outside the gate.


Des Moines Airport Transportation
If you’re in need of more types of transportation, Des Moines International has several bus transportation systems run by Para-transit, Greyhound and Jefferson Bus Lines. There are also several hotel shuttles, so be sure to check with yours to see if you can get a ride.


Nearby hotels in Des Moines
Des Moines is home to some of the most affordable restaurants in the country, allowing for a ride variety of places to stay. Whether it be one of the many affordable 2-star hotels like Quality Inn or Days Inn or one of the upper-end hotels like Holiday Inn, which still offer rooms under $100, you’re sure to find a comfortable place of rest.


Des Moines Restaurants
Although Des Moines has amazing hotels, they have even better restaurants. Visit Centro for a spacious dining experience, treating yourself to some amazing modern Italian. If Italian isn’t your thing, get a cold one and a taste of some classic American dishes at the Court Avenue Brewing Company.


Things to do in Des Moines
If you’re hankering for more Iowa, check out Gray’s Lake Park, a must-see American tourist attraction that will always leave you with a good time. Extend the adventure by visiting Salisbury House for an interesting look into Des Moines’ architectural history.