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Djerba Airport Transportation

Located on the Tunisian island of Djerba, Djerba-Zarzis International Airport makes getting where you need to go easy, especially if you’ve got the right lift. Book ahead of time to make every moment count, choosing between private lifts perfect for having all the freedom in the world, or considering a meet-and-greet service for professional drop-offs as well as the added perk of leaving it in someone else’s hands.

DJE Transportation
Ground transportation at DJE Airport consists of a few bus lines as well as taxi and car rental kiosks. Book a shuttle to bypass the stress of long lines and public transport schedules, finding pristine beaches and world-renowned coastal fare with a shuttle through either area providers or sedan companies.

Shared Ride Van
With so many resorts along the waters of Djerba, finding an all-in-one destination is easy, whether it’s at the lux Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort & Thalasso or the quiet Seabel Rym Beach Djerba, even easier if you’ve got the shared ride van from shuttle providers by your side.

Private Van
Reserve a private van from local companies to carry up to a dozen passengers, taking care of the day by taking all the time you need, whether you’re exploring the local history through artifacts and artwork at Lalla Hadria Museum or interested in soaking up the sun on Yéti Beach.

Private Sedan
Get to know the area for its quiet underpinnings, booking a private sedan from sedan companies to enjoy quiet lookouts, from the famous Phare Taguermess lighthouse on Sidi Yati Military Base to the ruinous walls and gorgeous beaches surrounding Fort Kastil.

Local Personal Drivers
See the island through the eyes of a local by booking a local personal driver, the perfect choice for seeing the best hidden gems, whether you’re interested in finding an intimate angle for watching the sunrise or craving some classic Mediterranean seafood from local eateries and cafés.

Private SUV
Those interested in carrying up to six passengers at a time should refer to a private SUV instead, booking with shuttle transportation companies for instant access to the area’s best getaways, from the crocodile pools and artifacts at Djerba Explore Park to the festive waterslides and pools at Fiesta Beach Club.

Taxi Cab
Get a taxi to get it done, booking today to arrive to busy locales like Hotel Iberostar on-site convention center tomorrow, also utilizing the 24-hour availability of the classic yellow cab for late-night excursions and early-morning pick-ups.

Stretched Limousine
If there’s one part of Djerba that shouldn’t be ignored, it’s the refined opulence that flows from upscale restaurants to light entertainment. See it all with the help of a stretched limousine, booking with area providers for grandiose arrivals to Lella Adria Restaurant, afterward setting up for a seaside performance at the open-air Théâtre de Plein Air.

Chartered Bus
Take care of up to a dozen passengers with the help of a chartered bus, enjoying expansive landmarks and getaways that include the famous fortress walls of Ghazi Mustapha Tower, which offers old statues and armament cubbies, not to mention priceless views of the sea.

DJE Airport Terminals
Home to a unique combination of traditional Mediterranean architecture and sleek modern design, Djerba International’s terminal offers two levels of shops, restaurants, and VIP services.
- Level 1: arrivals, check-in, security, police station, post office, shops, cafe, and vast artwork.
- Level 2: departures, shops, restaurants, and VIP lounges.


Djerba Airport Shuttles

Located less than 5 miles from the nearest beach town, and only further from every other getaway on the island, Djerba-Zarzis International Airport makes arriving to most locales a bit difficult, especially if you’re new to the area. Get through the area’s 200-square-miles with the help of a shuttle, enjoying custom drop-offs and plenty of space by booking through either local providers or area companies.

Consider where you want your shuttle to drop you off before making arrangements, considering the most popular coastal getaways, whether it’s Djerba Ajim nearby access to the mainland, or a slew of northeast beauties that include Mezraia, Djerba Midoun, and Aghir, all of which provide scenic beach resorts with surreal views of the Mediterranean Sea as well as popular parks, historic forts, and theme parks perfect for the whole family to hang out. There are also a few central towns and villages that trade easy beach access in exchange for total silence, a popular option being Sedouikech.

And above all, organize your trip, starting with your shuttle reservation. Print out your confirmation email the moment it arrives, doing the same for any other important bookings, whether it’s a view of the wildlife via Blue Dolphin Diving Center or a special event at the Yasmine Djerba Holiday Hall. Be sure to backup all personal documentation as well, scanning your driver’s license, passport, and medical prescriptions, then storing each scan either in your email or on some sort of secure cloud service.

About Djerba-Zarzis International Airport
Located on the opposite end of the island from the most popular beach resorts, arriving to your destination from Djerba Airport can eat up over an hour of your trip’s time. Make things simpler by booking a room you can arrive to quickly, choosing a range of nearby airport hotels that include Bella Djerba, a true Tunisian oasis known for its traditional villas and lonely views of the water, while the nearby city of Houmt Souk provides a few simple stays including Hôtel Dar Faiza, Hôtel du Lotos, and Marina Djerba Apartments, each offering close access to the city’s popular Marina Djerba.

Enjoy your time within the airport as much as outside by doing the most with what’s on-site, making delays fly by with several shops, eateries, and services. Spend some time looking through local goodies, cosmetics, and in-flight necessities at the massive TDF Duty Free, or do some bartering at several local vendors within the departures waiting area. Eateries include simple breakfast & lunch bites at Flying Café, some fast food eateries, as well as snacks available at a few kiosks and TDF Duty Free.

If you plan to stay close to the airport, pay especially close attention to the attractions on the west side of the island. Just behind the airport is Cheikha Yahya, a beach on the southwest side, while the many getaways in Houmt Souk, located on the northwest side, include the Ghazi Mustapha Tower as well as the famous Pirate Ship resting along the docks of Marina Djerba. Also close is the festive street art of Djerbahood, home to unique murals and designs along the various old walls of Hara Sghira Er Riadh just east of the airport.

Djerba Destinations
Taking up over 200 square miles, Djerba Island is the perfect getaway for those looking to check out Tunisia’s stunning architecture and culture in one compact area. Explore artsy desert towns as well as scenic strips of beach resorts, all at the ease of following your heart. Start with the island’s culture, seeing its Jewish roots at the massive El Ghriba Synagogue, located centrally on the island and known to Jews around the world as a pilgrimage site, while the colorful street art and murals in Djerbahood create a festive open-air museum perfect for watching the isle’s local playfulness. For a splash of local wildlife and culture, look no further than Djerba Explore Park, a large all-in-one getaway home to hundreds of reptiles at Djerba Crocodile Farm as well as old artifacts and ancient pieces inside of the Lalla Hadria Museum. Another cool museum to visit is Guellala Museum, home to kitschy displays that showcase the area’s adornment of folk art.

Meet beauty along the water at L'île aux Flamants Roses, a famous landmark that takes hours of walking on the beach to get the full scope of flamingos during breeding season, dolphins, and savory seafood restaurants. You can also cool off with the massive waterslides and pools at Aqua Park Pirate, afterward moving onto the stoic Ghazi Mustapha Tower for old structures, war cubbies, and walking-distance to the equally stunning Tour aux Cranes. Get an incredible view of the coast when the day’s done by watching the sun set at Phare de Djerba, a historic lighthouse that offers 360-views from the top. Keep in mind that there are also countless Djerba eateries, including classic Mediterranean cuisine at Restaurant De L'île, as well as the unique blend of traditional tribal architecture and modern fine dining at Restaurant Haroun.

Lounges at Djerba Airport
There are no known VIP lounges in Djerba Airport.

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