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Diass Airport Transportation

Located 27 miles (43 km) east of Dakar, Senegal’s largest city and capital, 18 miles (29 km) west of Thiès, the second-largest city in the country, and finally 18 miles (29 km) north of M’Bour, the third-largest city of the nation, Blaise Diagne International Airport places guests in between a trinity of West Africa’s best vacation spots. See even more by reserving the right lift ahead of time, going with a private rental for all the freedom to city-hop, or opting out for the casual convenience of meet-and-greets, which are perfect for business travelers looking to arrive on-time.

DSS Transportation
Ground transportation at Blaise Diagne International is limited to a few bus lines, taxi kiosks, and car rental services, plus a high-speed rail-link that connects to the capital city of Dakar, operated by Train Express Regional. Those heading to Thiès, M’Bour, or any other part of the country that may require a drop-off, should go with a shuttle, booking through either local sedan providers or area transportation providers for the convenience of hopping on a ride that knows where you’re going.

Shared Ride Van
Surrounded by lush forests, reserves, and parks, you’ll want to enjoy the view on your way to wherever. Do so by booking a shared ride van with local shuttle companies, getting one-time lifts to popular hotels and resorts, whether it’s to the famous Lamantin Beach Hotel on M’Bour’s coast or the modern elegance at Radisson Blu Hotel Sea Plaza in Dakar.

Private Van
Carry up to a dozen passengers with the help of a private van from area shuttle companies, enjoying the expansive trails of Bandia Forest, a national park north of M’Bour, or delving into the just-as-beautiful backdrop of Thiès Forest, located west of the city of Thiès.

Private Sedan
Those in search of quiet moments alone should keep faith with a private sedan, finding peace through long drives across unknown terrain, forgetting time exists along hidden shores, one of the most popular being Somone Lagoon Reserve, a popular beach and marketplace in M’Bour.

Local Personal Drivers
Understand the heart and soul of the country by delving into the capital’s heart, the easiest way to do so with a local personal driver. Book today to find astonishing Dakar lookouts from Mamelles Lighthouse as well as the world-famous Pointe des Almadies, which is Africa’s westernmost tip.

Private SUV
Families in search of the best ride to take care of up to six passengers while maintaining all your freedom should get a private SUV, making arrangements through local shuttle companies to reach family-friendly getaways ranging from Dakar’s fairy tale-themed Magic Land to the inflatables, play rooms, and carnival games at Mickey Land in Thiès.

Taxi Cab
Book a taxi for easy trips to busy locales, whether you’re a business traveler looking make it to the Dakar Expo Center on-time or in need of a late-night pick-up from the festive atmosphere of King Karaoké, all at the ease of knowing you’ve got a 24-hour ride waiting for you at all times.

Stretched Limousine
Visit the capitol in stately fashion by booking a stretched limousine through local limo companies, getting grand arrivals to grandeur locales, whether it’s the fashionable plates and open kitchen of La Parilla or a night of entertainment from the Grand National Theater of Dakar.

Chartered Bus
Reserve a chartered bus to carry over a dozen passengers without missing a beat, ensuring you’ve got all you need to see expansive locales, from the northern beaches of Dakar Yoff District to immense graces with nature at the Bandia Reserve, which contains safari tours as well as a restaurant-gift shop combo.

DSS Airport Terminals
A modern tube-shaped terminal built in 2017, DSS Airport offers two levels of shops, restaurants, and services that make delays something to look forward to.
- Level 1: arrivals, baggage claim, luggage carts, check-in, car rental services, ground transportation, information desk, and escalator/elevator access to upper level.
- Level 2: departures, security, immigration/customs, shops, restaurants, atrium garden, prayer room, currency exchange, VIP lounges, and escalator/elevator access to lower level.


Diass Airport Shuttles

At least half an hour from every major city, Blaise Diagne Airport makes arriving to most locales difficult, something easy to fix with the help of a shuttle. Book through either area providers or local companies to make things simpler, getting custom drop-offs to dream getaways as well as the convenience of free luggage assistance.

Depending on where you’re headed, knowing what part of town to get dropped off in is the first step to making everything easier. Those heading to M’Bour should stay near Saly, the most tourist-friendly side of town due to its many beachside resorts, while the city of Dakar offers several options, from Yoff’s north-side beaches to Ngor’s incredible views of the west coast, to the central parks and island ferries departing from Dakar-Plateau. And in between each major metropolis rest forested towns and villages, each offering their own unique take on the Senegal experience. Be sure to keep track of the organization of your trip by printing out your shuttle reservation confirmation email, as well as other bookings like the locally popular Tour Solidaire Sénégal, which provides cultural tours of the country’s beauty, then keeping them along with other important documents like prescriptions, passport, and identification. A good all-in-one place to store everything is a travel journal, while taking extra scans & copies saved via digital flash drive or cloud storage can also provide a good defense against emergencies.

About Blaise Diagne International Airport
Equidistant from most cities, though far enough from them all to be in its own rural sect, Blaise Diagne International Airport is a moderately easy place to find paradise. Keep things easier by booking a room close to the facility, the best options being in the small beach resort town of Toubab Dialaw, home to simple stays like Keur Dofie, which offers a fun pool and courtyard, Paradis Law, which provides fun surf-n-turf themes, and Sobo Bade, which creates a decadent getaway through African cottages. An especially popular option for business travelers is Radisson Hotel Dakar Diamniadio, not only for its close access to the capital but even closer access to quietude.

If you’re hanging out at Blaise Diagne Airport, make time fly by with what’s on-site. Start with the shopping opportunities, walking through the many local goodies as well as universal delights at the Relay Duty-Free Shop, or get the latest name-brand colors and scents at Parfums & Cosmetiques. Grab a bite from several eateries as well, choosing between the trendy menu of A Coeur, as well as simple lunch eats and drinks at Leo Bistro & Bar. The are also two SECO Cafeterias located on the arrivals and departures level, plus the scenic MIA Bakery & Café, which offers a huge lounge area accompanied by observation deck views of the airstrip.

Finally, if you plan to stay close to the airport, know what’s around the corner to know how to have fun. The easiest getaways are the many forests and nature reserves, which surround the airport, from the Bandia Reserve to the southeast, which offers pristine wildlife and safari rides, to Thiès Forest on the northeast, renowned for its lonely roads, bizarre fruit trees, and rural villages. Also popular is the Somone Lagoon Reserve, located in the small coastal town of Someone and offering views of the local river as well as colorful birds.

Thiès/Dakar/MBour Destinations
Surrounded by three major cities, Blaise Diagne Airport places passengers at the epicenter of Senegal’s three largest cities; Thiès, Dakar, and M’Bour. Head northeast to experience Thiès first, walking through artifacts and cultural history exhibits at Musée Régional de Thiès, also considering a tranquil walk through Thiès Forest. Much more beauty can be found in the southwestern city of M’Bour, which offers safari rides through rhinos, lions, and zebras in their natural habitat, while the Somone Lagoon Reserve provides a quaint wildlife, upscale seafood restaurants, and boat tours that showcase the local birds and plants. Find stunning lookouts at the underrated Popenguine Nature Reserve as well, home to cliff-side beaches and crystal clear waters between Dakar and M’Bour.

In addition to the central forests and beach resort towns of Thiès and M’Bour, the massive city of Dakar is a location that deserves attention, not only for its westernmost point of Africa (Pointe des Almadies), but astounding pink waters of Lake Retba. Explore the capital city’s rich culture in French colonialism as well as the port cities role in the Atlantic Slave Trade, visiting Gorée to walk through tragedy and beauty at the same time. Home to 15th-century French architecture, historic forts, and old slave auction houses, Gorée is an all-in-one landmark perfect for seeing the past, present, and future of Dakar. But with all the city’s tragedies come a patches of saving grace, from the rocky shores of Îles de la Madeleine, an uninhabited island south of downtown, to the ornamental tapestries and paintings at La Galerie Antenna.

Lounges at Blaise Diagne Airport
- Salon Signare: Located on upper level. Perks include free Wi-Fi, TVs, snacks, drinks, and reading material, plus disability access and flight information monitors.
- Salon Topkapi: Located on upper level. Perks include free Wi-Fi, TVs, snacks, drinks, and reading material, plus disability access and flight information monitors.
- Salon Odyssee: Located on upper level. Perks include free Wi-Fi, TVs, snacks, drinks, and reading material, plus disability access and flight information monitors.

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