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Famous for its unreal views of the Black Sea as well as historic mosaics that showcase centuries-old architecture, the Eastern European country of the Ukraine is definitely one worth visiting. Get to know the region by knowing where you’re going, whether you’re checking out the local culture or partaking in a stroll along the Dnieper River. Arrive to important events in style with a stretched limousine or explore the outer limits of strange landmarks, exploring historic catacombs and tranquil monasteries with a private sedan.

A diverse country that looks out on the Black Sea, the Ukraine is a massive east European country that offers more than the eye sees. Take advantage of all the lessons to be learned, whether it’s a foreign language course at a local university or a business meeting sure to leave you with a realization. Make sure you get to see all the mosaics and frescoes that surround the cities by getting the right ride, whether it’s a citywide shuttle or a private sedan ready to break the bounds of what you know.

Home to a slew of uniquely focused schools and campuses, the Ukraine doesn’t shy away from doing its best. One of the most popular schools is Kharkiv National Medical University, home to a small student body and known for its strong historical features that make it one of the oldest in the country. For those that love to fly high, head to the National Aviation University, a beautiful spot to learn the tricks of the sky as well as take in local museums. The diverse nation is also home to a world-famous broadcasting school, i.e. the Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics, which is as popular with the community as the literary & artistic schools that make up The National University of Kyiv.