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A towering pillar of western Asia, the ancient cities and cultures that make up Turkey are beautiful ones to see. Whether it’s the gold-plated domes that make up a variety of mosques or the ornate palace-like cities that showcase cutting-edge architecture, finding your footing in the widespread land is easy if you’ve got the right ride. Make heads turn with a luxury limousine perfect for driving through the luxe downtown of Ankara, or stay modest by seeing more with your own private sedan, all while keeping in mind the vast history of the area.

Whether you’re traveling to Turkey’s opulent universities for a unique perspective at Arabic culture or ready to indulge in an exciting business opportunity, you’ll be glad you did as much as you can to enjoy the region. Look forward to all there is to learn by making sure you’ve got the right ride, showing up to top-tier campuses in a luxury limousine or enjoying quieter private universities with the help of private sedan.

One of the most popular schools in the region is Istanbul Technical University, founded in 1773 and home to top leaders in the engineering and technical infrastructure movement. An even older school with just as much to learn is Istanbul University across town. Get to and from all the area’s popular schools with the help of a shared ride van, making sure everyone comes along for the ride, whether you’re heading to prestigious American programs at Boğaziçi University or taking a tour of the 1883 architecture of Marmara University.