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Jul 26, 2021
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Dakar Airport Transportation

Located on Africa’s westernmost tip, Léopold Sédar Senghor International offers instant panoramic views of Dakar, the capital of the French-colonial nation of Senegal. Book a ride to see every corner of the culturally exquisite peninsula, choosing between private rentals perfect for taking your time at Pointe des Almadies or meet-and-greets perfect for arriving to all-in-one locales.

DKR Transportation
Ground transportation at DKR includes three 24-hour express bus lines running from downtown to the airport every hour and a half, plus car rental services on the lower level of the terminal. There are also taxis, though expect to bargain the price down. Be in charge of your own schedule by reserving a personal shuttle instead, either booking through local sedan companies or area transportation providers for the added perk of leaving as you please, as well as custom drop-offs right in front of your hotel.

Shared Ride Van
For a simple vacation, book a simple ride, going with a shared ride van from local providers for commitment-free drop-offs to the hotel of your dreams, whether it’s at the decadent King Fahd Palace Hotel, famous for being the westernmost stay in Africa (besides Cape Verde), or within the classic French walls of La Résidence.

Private Van
Those in need of a ride that can carry up to a dozen passengers should book a private van to make it all happen, making arrangements with local companies for easy rides to easier lookouts, from beaches on the mainland to uninhabited islands only reachable by ferry.

Private Sedan
Go slow when you arrive to the region, doing so with a private sedan from area providers perfect for small groups and solo travelers looking to make an impression on the stoic landscape, taking their time at beachside cafés and windy lighthouse vistas, all at the ease of being their own driver.

Local Personal Drivers
Interested in seeing the real Dakar? Dive into the city’s soul by booking a local personal driver, uncovering buried treasures at the ease of asking, whether it’s the best crêpe for starting the morning or the buzziest streets perfect for trying out Dakar’s world-renowned nightlife.

Private SUV
For family-friendly fun as well as room for up to six passengers, book a private SUV from area companies, arriving to the magic-themed rides of Magic Land for an afternoon of adventures, afterward going on a scavenger hunt for the best souvenir at Sandaga Market.

Taxi Cab
Workers arriving to the Dakar Expo Center should get through hectic crowds and bad park jobs with the help of a taxi, looking forward to smooth trips from point A to point B as well as the convenient perk of 24-hour availability, something that comes in handy with Dakar’s famous nightclubs and live music venues.

Stretched Limousine
Have a stretched limousine show you Dakar’s stately side, reserving with local limo providers for gilded arrivals to shining landmarks, and then reserving a table at La Fourchette for classic French cuisine, afterwards considering a night of entertainment at the Grand National Theater of Dakar.

Chartered Bus
Get a chartered bus to carry over a dozen passengers at once, walking through the Atlantic slave trade’s years of devastation, both to nation and spirit, at House of Slaves, afterward lightening the mood with inspiring views from Parc de L'ile, located on western shore of Ngor Island.

DKR Airport Terminals
DKR Airport is a home to a small terminal with limited facilities, which include a large duty-free shop, restaurants, an on-site hotel, and 3 VIP lounges. Services are limited in comparison to the newer Blaise Diagne International Airport, which opened in 2017 to accommodate the increasing number of passengers.


Dakar Airport Shuttles

About 6 miles from downtown Dakar, Léopold Sédar Senghor Airport makes arriving to the seaside escape easy to do if you’ve got a reliable ride. Book a shuttle to take care of traffic, getting instant drop-offs urban beaches and French plazas with the help of either local sedan providers or area ground transportation providers.

Before booking your shuttle, choose between a variety of island adventures sprawled across the peninsula, heading west toward Ngor for its upscale resorts and world-famous sunsets, or north near Yoff, home to several beaches, cafés, and a wide variety of business-friendly hotels close to the airport. For something more central, choose between Grand Yoff busy suburbs, Hann Pecheurs family-friendly zoo, beaches, and French plaza promenades, finally considering the grand dame of entertainment, Dakar-Plateau, home to the Grand National Theater of Dakar as well as golden sunrises.

In addition to knowing where you’re going, be sure to keep track of your shuttle reservation info. Print out your confirmation email along with other important bookings, from hotel resorts to views of downtown via Senegal Tours, all by staying organized. Do so with a travel journal, storing away all important documents in one place, also scanning medical prescriptions, identification, and passports for added safety measures, then saving those scans online, either through a cloud service or email.

About Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
With just 6 miles (10 km) distance from downtown, Léopold Sédar Senghor International brings flyers to the heart of the world-famous peninsula and all its seaside attractions. Along with this convenience comes cool nearby hotels, the best options being the on-site Hôtel de la Mer, as well as a few stays in the adjacent town of Yoff, which includes 3-star business perks at Sargal Airport Hotel, ornate architectural features courtesy of Hotel Cabourg, and the beach-side suites of Hotel Le Virage Dakar.

If you’re hanging out inside the airport, kick back with what’s on-site to make delays go by quick, either through quiet drinks and a magazine offered by several VIP lounges, or a simple bite to eat at either Dibi Ak Bant Yi or La Case D’or, both of which are located outside near the parking lot and offering simple West African bites. Shopping is limited to a large duty-free shop, as well as a few handicraft vendors selling locally-crafted souvenirs. There is also an on-site mosque.

In addition to nearby hotels and general downtown access, finding fun around the corner is extra simple if you’ve got nowhere to be. Lose track of time at Yoff Bay, located north of the hotel and home to two separate beaches; Yoff Beach, which offers on-site restaurants and festivals, and Yoff Tongor Beach, home to pristine views of Ile de Yoff (Yoff Island) across the water. Unwind with a delightful coffee snack west of the airport as well, enjoying the beloved crêpes and gaufres of Sucré Salé, or stopping by the even more popular "Grains D'Or" Bakery for a slice of cheesecake.

Dakar Destinations
As the capital of Senegal, Dakar is one of West Africa’s most visited port cities known for its stoic lighthouses, classic art, and savory French cuisine that drops regal statements on jungle beach backdrops. Find the coolest cherished natural wonders first, canoeing across Lake Retba, which famously flaunts a bright pink color due to high salt levels, afterward visiting the tiny island of Gorée, located east of the southern peninsula and accessible via the ferry terminal on Liberation Avenue. Another water-wrapped oasis is Îles de la Madeleine, home to archeological sites and trails of Iles des Madeleines National Park. Compliment all the gorgeous lookouts by going on a tour of the local lighthouse scene, moving from the windy 19th-century views of Les Mamelles Lighthouse, afterward seeing the world-famous Pointe des Almadies, Africa’s westernmost point visible from the hilltop lighthouse of Deux Mamelles.

Go on an excursion through local culture once you’ve gotten a feel for the lush beaches, bays, and forests of Dakar, learning about local lows at the House of Slaves, which explores Senegal’s role in the Atlantic Slave Trade, afterward finding new heights at the African Renaissance Monument, a famous 50-meter tall statue that depicts a family atop the famous Collines des Mamelles. Find beautiful local works by walking through IFAN Museum of African Arts as well, located in an early 20th-century building and offering a blend of creative and cultural traditions, afterward finding fun street performances complimented by a large zoo at PARK Hann. Let the evening be something to remember by eating somewhere special at the end of it all, choosing between the family-friendly Lebanese of Restaurant Farid or the all-you-can-eat seafood at the scenic Marina Bay.

Lounges at Dakar Airport
- Salon Prestige Lounge: Located near Boarding Area B. Perks include free Wifi, snacks, drinks, observation deck views, and reading material, plus disability access and flight information monitors.
- Business Class Lounge: Location and perks are unknown.
- First Class Lounge: Location and perks are unknown.

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