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Mar 04, 2024
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Large groups looking to have fun in Charlotte shouldn’t worry about whether there’s enough to do as much as whether they have enough time to see everything. With a chartered bus from GOTO LIMOS EXECUTIVE or ICS, Book A Limo, you’ll be able to let yourself relax with the knowledge that you can not only travel together, but with plenty of time to kill as well.


Practically nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlotte is a beautiful city that’s just a step away from the breath of the wild. Make a day out of exploring the terrain driving over to RibbonWalk Nature Preserve. Filled with beech trees, countless trails, and a wide variety of butterflies, the scenic park is the perfect escape.


If going on a hike through Mother Nature’s bosom isn’t exciting enough for you, Charlotte has plenty of other activities that can get the blood pumping. Named after the famous Peanuts character, Woodstock Express is one of the most frightening rides at Carowinds as well as one of the oldest functioning wooden coasters in the country.
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