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Jul 25, 2024
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Buffalo airport transfers to points of interest
Buffalo, New York is a great city that sits on the embankment of Lake Erie, giving it the upper city vibe of New York mixed with the humbleness of middle America. Known as the industrial capital in the early 20th century, Buffalo is home to all sorts of natural wonders, whether it be the nearby Niagara Falls or the many hidden attractions within the city.


Residence Inn Buffalo Galleria Mall is less than 5 miles from the BUF airport which is near the popular tourist attraction at Walden Galleria Mall. Another popular place to stay at is the Hilton Hotel in downtown Buffalo which is owned by DoubleTree. This unique hotel has a connection to both the Buffalo General Hospital for those coming to town for health procedure and is also directly connected to the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as well.


The city of Buffalo is a business center in the state of New York. Present on the extreme edge of Erie Lake, you get to witness jaw-dropping views on offered here. The all famous Niagara Falls are situated in the immediate neighborhood of the city. It is one of the best recreational places in the northern hemisphere. You can see the beautiful fall both from the US as well as the Canadian side, if you get here in Buffalo. In the outskirts of the city, you will find medium height peaks covered in snow during winters which present amazing picnic spots during summers.


Shuttles to airport terminals


Buffalo airport shuttle

Buffalo Niagara International Airport Shuttles
There are many options for visitors to select from after they pick up their baggage at the BUF airport. You can find rides available with local providers such as Transitions Limousine and Giorgio’s Limousine Service. For a little more room in the vehicle you can try an economy class vehicle like Talixo who offer all inclusive vans when trying to get around downtown Buffalo and nearby destinations.


BUF Airport is an international aviation facility which offers both domestic and international flights. With over 100 flights on a daily basis, the airport plays huge parts in both tourism and business development prospects of the city. Here you will easily find ground transport like cabs and shuttle services, ready to take you not only to American cities but to Canadian grounds as well. An onsite affordable parking facility allows you to drive in your personal vehicle here.


Airport guide program is regularly looked after by the management of the facility. From the guide, you can find information about nearby attractions, hotels and accommodations, and other recreational places. The terminal map helps you navigate your way through the airport making life easy for you. You will also find free Wi-Fi and telephone charging booths, thus helping you stay connected with your loved ones.


BUF airport rides
BUF Shared Ride Vans
Get on a fun shared ride van when you step off your airplane at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, getting to essential locations like your hotel and downtown Buffalo. If you schedule a pickup from providers, you’ll be as pleasantly surprised at how convenient the lift is as much the price. Shared ride vans are also tremendously helpful for a quick lift to the airport, especially if you happen to be running late and can’t wait for public transportation.


BUF airport shuttles
BUF Private Vans
In order to take advantage of your time, you should take advantage of your ride. That means getting a private lift and seeing as much as the beautiful city of Buffalo has to offer. You can do this by booking a private van from transportation providers, a friendly and local company that will be happy to help you get to exciting landmarks, especially if it’s Buffalo’s impressive arts district. See cutting-edge contemporary pieces of art at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and don’t forget to see the iconic Darwin D. Martin House while you’re out.


BUF airport sedans
BUF Private Sedans
Buffalo’s a big city, which means there’s a lot to see. Zip through traffic and see more hotspots than if you would be traveling by foot or bike by getting your own private sedan, several designs available. While you’re out, see the extraordinary art deco Buffalo City Hall, a public space that makes government work look forever classic, or check out fun outdoor landmarks like the historic Forest Lawn Cemetery, a solemn but beautiful area.


BUF airport suv
BUF Private SUVs
By booking a private SUV you’re not only paying for much more room but the simple pleasure of privacy as well. Enjoy your own ride while sightseeing some interesting parts of the city, whether you’re admiring the exotic and endangered wildlife at the historic Buffalo Zoo or enjoying the sunset as you go for a walk along the pier on Unity Island. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


BUF airport limos
BUF Stretched Limousines
If you’re staying in a classy city, you should probably stay in a classy hotel. Get picked up and dropped off at The Mansion on Delaware Avenue, the most elegant and original lodging in the city, by getting a stretched limousine, a great company that offers only the best in transportation. If you’d like to taste the finer things in downtown, be sure to check out Buffalo Chophouse or the high-end American dining on the northeast side of Elmwood Village.


BUF airport chartered buses
BUF Chartered Buses
See the wonderment of Niagara Falls, one of the tourist attractions of all time, and see it together by renting out a chartered bus, which are great local names in getting around town. If you happen to be in town during a local game, be sure to visit the classic Coca-Cola Field for fun in the sun and tasty eats.



Canalside Activities

If you’re the type to look for family fun and special events, check out Canalside for all sorts of seasonal activities. Canalside is Buffalo’s premiere hot spot for festivals, art, games, and charitable marathons, making it the central hub for all kinds of people.


→ Canalside plays host to hundreds of events every year that you can enjoy during your visit. Check the schedule to find out what’s going on while you are in town.


→ One activity you may enjoy here is watching the sunset over Lake Erie and the Buffalo River. There’s no better way to relax and end your day.


→ Make sure to visit the HarborCenter before you leave and eat at one of the restaurants there or go shopping in one of the shops.




Forest Lawn Cemetery

Forest Lawn Cemetery
Forest Lawn Cemetery is a beautiful piece of land that was constructed in the mid 19th century, holding a slew of historic figures from U.S. President Millard Fillmore to singer Rick James. Whether you’re interested in a peaceful spot or simply want to pay respects to the passed souls of Buffalo, Forest Lawn is sure to strike some sort of awe in you.




Visit Buffalo City Hall

Buffalo City Hall
The purpose of Buffalo City Hall is boring – it’s meant to handle official city matters and is filled with serious business people, but the benefit of the building isn’t what it does, but how it looks. Built in early 20th century Art Deco style, Buffalo’s city hall is not only an important piece of government, but a gorgeous piece of art as well.



Flying into Buffalo Niagara International Airport
Buffalo International Airport is located a few miles east of downtown Buffalo, which is essentially north Cheektowaga. If you’re in need of a ride, you can call Buffalo Airport Shuttle for reservations as well as AA Taxi. Be sure to call ahead of time so that you don’t have to wait at the gate.


Buffalo Airport Transportation
If you’re in further need of ground transportation, there are countless shuttles offered by several hotels, including Best Western Inn and Aloft. There are also rent-a-car services and buses that run up to Niagara Falls (Gray Line Niagara).


Nearby hotels in Buffalo
Spend a night at the Embassy Suites Buffalo for a 4-star stay with nightly receptions, free Wi-Fi, and free breakfast. There are also more modestly priced hotels with just as much beauty like the Hyatt Regency Buffalo. Located in the heart of downtown, the Hyatt offers high-rise views and a full-service spa.


Buffalo Restaurants
For a high-end and innovative American dining experience, check out Hutch’s on Delaware Avenue. With tasty dishes and over-the-moon ratings, you’ll be sure to leave happy and satisfied. If you’re more in the mood for a warmer space, check out Tempo Restaurant for classic Italian dishes.


Things to do in Buffalo
Don’t get lost in what all the hotel pamphlets tell you to do. Have your own adventure in the lesser known parts of Buffalo like the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, a beautiful ecosystem with great flowers and beautiful wildlife. If that doesn’t quite fit your style, check out the always-fun Delaware Park for a nice walk.