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Rocky Mountains and Billings transfers and things to do
Billings, Montana is by far the biggest city in Montana, making it a gorgeous thriving downtown on the edge of a stunning range. Billings is in Yellowstone County, making it no stranger to magnificent beauty, which is exactly what sets the city apart from all the rest. With rapid economy and population growth, Billings is quickly becoming one of the trendiest and most fun places to not only visit, but live in.


With many attractions not too far from Billings Logan International Airport travelers can get around the city through many types of vehicles such as taxi and shuttle transfers. Ground transportation to Billings Hotel and Convention Center can fit any budget and is just over 10 miles from Pictograph Cave State Park and Homewood Suites by Hilton Billings which is only a short distance from a family favorite ZooMontana.


The beautiful state of Montana is famous for its scenic views which largely include mountain ridges, thick forests, and vast landscape extending to the range of your eye and beyond. In the state of Montana, the city of Billings holds a special place due to proximity with Crow Reservation. The place is rich in ancient American Indian history. You will still find ethnic people living in the nomadic styles, keeping their cultural values intact. On the other side of the city, there is Acton Recreation Area where you can hike up and enjoy beautiful views.


The city is surrounded by mountainous ridges and Yellowstone River passes through them. These developments give panoramic views to the place which are seldom found anywhere else. Therefore, adventure lovers from around the globe come here for hiking, camping, and other outdoor thrills like mountain biking, paragliding etc.


Shuttles to airport terminals


Billings airport shuttle

Billings International Logan Airport Shuttles
There are many options for BIL airport ground transportation from cab and transit to shuttle rides that can take passengers directly to nearby hotels and local attractions in Billings. Even though it is not a large airport it has many amenities and services you would find in a larger airport making your stop here a easy and memorable visit.


BIL Airport present on the northern ridge of the city offers easy access both within and outside the US. It is an International Airport and you will find numerous flight companies. Apart from general aviation, here you will find medical flight facilities and aviation instruction school which teaches you how to control plane midair.


Inside the facility, you will find data ports to charge your electronic gadgets; phones and laptops. Wi-Fi service allows you to stay connected to your family. The airport has numerous food courts, ATMs, gift shops and coffee bars. You can spend your time here while waiting for your flight.


BIL airport rides
BIL Shared Ride Vans
If landing at the Billings Logan International Airport is your first time in Billings, Montana, looking for a nearby ride is probably a good idea, especially if it’s at a discount rate. Enjoy the scenic views the city has to offer by riding with local providers, a great service provider that drops off at tons of downtown hotspots as well as nearby hotels. Schedule a shared ride van with our transportation companies today so you can get moving tomorrow.


BIL airport shuttles
BIL Private Vans
Hop aboard one of our many service providers’ vans, especially if you’ve got a lot of people, even more luggage, and not a lot of time to kill. With a variety of different designs and layouts, you’ll be cruising through Billings in comfort and speed. Ask the driver to whisk you away to nearby outdoor ventures like the beautiful trails and ancient rock paintings at Pictograph Cave. Or you can check out Lake Elmo State Park, a huge campground that’s great for hiking, biking, or fishing out on the park’s famously massive lake.


BIL airport sedans
BIL Private Sedans
See the world through the eyes of a relaxed passenger by playing the role in one of our transportation companies many private sedans. Grab tight downtown spaces and zip steadily through traffic while you stop by intimate restaurants. Some of the most famous in Billings are Ciao Mambo, an art-filled Italian restaurant with imported wine and an authentic menu. Another tasty joint is Oktoberfest German Restaurant, a local favorite that serves authentic German cuisine and unforgettable beers.


BIL airport suv
BIL Private SUVs
Hitch a ride through and visit trendy bars in downtown Billings. The most popular place in town is Hooligan’s Sports Bar, the best choice for sports and beer. Buck’s Bar and Grill comes in second, with a delicious menu a central location that’s just as appetizing. Get there today by booking a private SUV for your transportation, and when you get tired you can call up your driver and get a ride to your hotel.


BIL airport limos
BIL Stretched Limousines
While you’re in town, sleep in comfort at one of the few luxury hotels in Billings, including Northern Hotel, which has its own refined restaurant and 4-star luxury rooms. When you’re tired of living lavishly indoors, step outside and get into a stretch limousine offered by our transportation pick up service. Ask your chauffeur where the best places in town are and enjoy the quaint, but seductive Billings nightlife.


BIL airport chartered buses
BIL Chartered Buses
With rows of long seats aboard four simple wheels, chartered buses can be a really convenient way to get around town, especially if there are a lot of people trying to see town together. Take an outing to ZooMontana, a beautiful facility filled with grizzly bears, several species of forest birds, and a Siberian tiger. Various companies offer great deals on chartered buses, making getting around town as easy as dialing a phone number.



Visiting Pictograph Cave State Park

Pictograph Cave State Park
Pictograph Cave State Park is a massive area that holds three separate caves. Named Pictograph, Middle, and Ghost, the three caves are south of the city, but hold an unforgettable part of Montana’s history. Excavated by archaeologists in the late 1930s, the search uncovered over 20,000 animals species remains, contributing greatly to science and society as a whole. The caves are also really cool to walk through.


→ Pictograph State Park is actually made up of three different caves. They are the Ghost Cave, the Pictograph Cave and the Middle Cave and each is home to its own set of elaborate cave drawings, or pictographs.


→ The pictographs which can be seen in the park are incredibly old. In fact the oldest one is over two millennia old.


→ There are over one hundred different rock paintings contained within the caves of Pictograph State Park for you to view.




Visit ZooMontana

ZooMontana is the only zoo in all of Montana that is both a zoo and botanical garden, ultimately giving you more bang for your buck. It is also unique in that it allows Canyon Creek to run through the center of the zoo’s grounds, providing a truly natural and park-like atmosphere. This not only places the animals in a more fitting surrounding but the visitors as well.



Touring The Rimrocks

The Rimrocks
The Rimrocks are a geological phenomenon turned tourist gold. Composed of rimrock sandstone, the structure rises up along the outskirts of Billings. The natural wall puts the city in a bowl-like state, making for great photos and sunsets. There are other great locations along The Rimrocks, including Sacrifice Cliff and a great view of Yellowstone River.


Flying Into Billings Logan International Airport
As soon as you arrive to Billings Logan International Airport, you’ll be wondering why all airports aren’t more like this. With multiple cab availabilities from City, Yellow and MET Transit, you should be able to find your way to your hotel in no time.


Billings Airport Transportation
If you need to get a large group transported, you can find Phidippides Cody Shuttle Service and Red Lodge Tour & Taxi for easy and quick lifts. There are also buses and charters available from Jefferson Lines, Karst Stage, and Coach America. For a full list, please check


Nearby Hotels in Billings
If you’re looking for a surprising amount of class for a low price, visit Day Inn Billings. Although the location is located a few miles south of downtown, there is hardly any crime rate, so all you’ll have to worry about is far distance. If you’re looking for a bit more refinement, the Crowne Plaza Billings is a great hotel located on North 27th Street. With a 4-star rating and free dining, the Crowne Plaza is the place to stay for professionals.


Billings Restaurants
If you’re looking for something anyone can enjoy, treat yourself at The Burger Drive. It’s the best burger in town! If you’re more in the mood to taste some local dining, visit Montana’s Rib and Chop House for an unforgettable lunch.


Things to do in Billings
Although Billings is known for the natural wonders surrounding the city, there are just as many amazing manmade attractions including DanWalt Gardens, Riverfront Park, and the Moss Mansion Historical and Heritage Tour, all of which are fun for the whole family.