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Bhubaneswar Airport Transportation

Just south of the ancient city of Bhubaneswar, Biju Patnaik International is one of the busiest airports in India. Get out of the facility with a ride that knows how to take advantage of the scenic landscape, whether you’re interested in the intimacy of hidden forests and riverside restaurants with your own sedan, or wanting the convenience of getting dropped off right where you need with the help of a meet-and-greet, choosing between speedy taxis or graceful limousines.

BBI Transportation
Located less than 10 minutes from downtown, Biju Patnaik International is surrounded by public transportation. The closest train station is the Lingaraj Temple Railway Station, located less than 2 miles (3 km) from the airport, while Bhubaneswar Railway Station rests a little over 3 miles (5 km). There are also bus services that run along Ekamra Road, connecting to the city center, though you can make things a lot easier by booking shuttle instead, reserving through either local private shuttle or sedan provider for a lift that follows your schedule.

Shared Ride Van
Those in search of a ride that can take care of one-time lifts should go with a shared ride van, making arrangements through local shuttle provider to get to exciting getaways, whether it be the ritzy ambiance of MAYFAIR Lagoon or the easy river access of La Franklin Hotel.

Private Van
Those in need of a ride that can take care of up to a dozen passengers should rest easy with a private van as their horse & chariot. Book with area shuttle companies to see expansive locales, from the expansive Regional Museum of Natural History to the ancient rock carvings at Khandagiri Caves.

Private Sedan
Take care of business in a way that makes each corner intimate, reserving a private sedan with local sedan providers for quaint drives across the outskirts as well as long lunches in the city, so whether you’re interested in the entrenched trails of Chandaka Forest or scenic eateries along 3 different rivers, you’ll have more than enough to explore.

Local Personal Drivers
Experience something beloved by the locals by booking a local personal driver, getting tips on where to watch the sunrise along the many eastern beaches looking out at the Bay of Bengal as well as which late-night hotspots are best for grabbing a bite while staying close to downtown nightlife.

Private SUV
Perfect for families looking to stay close each step of the way, a private SUV from local area providers is ideal for checking out unique family-friendly landmarks, from the ornate landscaped gardens of Ekamra Kanan Botanical Gardens to the astounding pagodas and temples at the historic Dhauli Shanti Stupa.

Taxi Cab
Business travelers interested in making the most out of the little moments should consider a taxi cab as their getaway vehicle, not only for arriving to big-time events at the Grand Lumbini Convention Center but catching your flight in the knick of time. Also great for avoiding traffic and unknown streets, you’ll be glad you got a lift that knows the best hidden routes.

Stretched Limousine
See the finer side of Bhubaneswar by getting a stretched limousine to show you around, booking with local limo companies to enjoy 5-star hotels especially known for their restaurants, some of the most popular being the Mayfair Lagoon and Trident Hotel. See a local show at Satabdira Kalakar afterward, witnessing spectacular shows that celebrate northeast India’s past, present, and future culture.

Chartered Bus
Go for the gold when it comes to taking care of over a dozen passengers, booking a chartered bus for easy field trips to locales designed for large groups, from the waterside urban oasis of Nicco Park downtown to the astounding beaches and forested tails at Bhitarkanika National Park, located on the far east side of town.

BBI Airport Terminals
There are 2 terminals at Bhubaneswar Airport, Terminal 1 handling domestic flights and Terminal 2 handling international & domestic flights.

Terminal 1 (Domestic):
- Services/Amenities include: shops & restaurants, free Wi-Fi, english-speaking staff, information desk, pharmacy, medical service, child care room/play area, ATMs, VIP lounges, and currency exchange.

Terminal 2 (Domestic & International):
-Services/Amenities include: shops & restaurants, free Wi-Fi, english-speaking staff, information desk, pharmacy, VIP lounges, medical services, luggage trolleys, children care room/play area, ATMs, and currency exchange.


Bhubaneswar Airport Shuttles

Just south of town, Biju Patnaik International Airport makes it easy to reach most Bhubaneswar destinations, though going above and beyond is especially easy with a shuttle reservation. See every corner of the ancient city with a reservation through either local taxi cab or shuttle providers, ensuring each next turn is easy to look forward to.

Find what side of town makes you tick by doing a bit of research ahead of time, whether you want your shuttle to drop you off on the east side for easy access to the massive Ocean World Water Park or interested in staying near the north end of town for close access to parks and museums, including Ekamra Kanan Botanical Gardens and the Regional Museum of Natural History. Those on the far west side have the beauty of the Chandaka Forest at their feet, while those on the far north end, closer to the island city of Cuttack, will be surrounded by the roar of 3 rivers. Once you know where you’re going and how you’re getting there, keep track of all last-minute necessities, from reservation info to personal identification. Start by printing out your confirmation email so that you have a physical copy in addition to the digital, also scanning your prescription info, driver’s license, and passport to keep a backup digital copy of your trip’s most important papers. If you need further help, you can seek out English-speaking staff at either information desk located in both Terminal 1 and 2.

About Biju Patnaik International Airport
Less than 5 miles (7 km) from downtown Bhubaneswar, Biju Patnaik International is a modern facility that makes hotel check-in especially easy with nearby airport stays. The closest options are Ratna Resort, located New Airport Road and offering free Wi-Fi and breakfast, while the Royal Orchid Residency offers close access to an arts market. Other popular stays around the facility include Hotel White House, located away from downtown toward the west side of the airport, and Fortune Park Sishmo, which nestles itself into the heart of the city’s west side.

Take advantage of the many on-site shops and restaurants at Biju Patnaik International, turning the hassle of layovers and delays into something to look forward to. Grab a bite from various restaurants that include Dakota, Live Kitchen Restaurant, and Pal Heights, or grab a hot cup of coffee with something sweet at Pipli Cafe. Shopping opportunities offer luxe accessories from Lalchand Jewelers, luggage at Safari, and upscale clothing courtesy of PAVERS England. There is also an abundance of art in the form of hand-crafted masks, ornate temple walls, and super-sized sand castles that offer a daily message.

With close access to the city as well as quaint getaways on the western outskirts, staying close to the airport can be a fun way to explore Bhubaneswar. Make your lunch break special by heading to one of many nearby parks, from Biju Patnaik Park’s forested trails to the tropical stretch of statues and flora at Madhusudan Das Park, both of which are less than 5 minutes driving distance from the airport. Equally close is the historic landmark, Godabari Pond, renowned for its ancient temples and close access to the Panchu Pandav Caves.

Bhubaneswar Destinations
A city of ancient temples blended with modern English colonialism, Bhubaneswar offers a diverse pallet sure to impress. Look forward to family-friendly attractions like the Nandankanan Zoological Park, home to over one thousand animals, a botanical garden, and lake, or enjoy a long walk through the city’s massive Ekamra Kanan Botanical Gardens, which offers an array of colors and fountains explorable by foot or by paddle boat. You can also fall in love with the natural backdrop of the region by spending the day at Kapilash Forest Range, a vast parkland that offers miles of shrouded steps, trails, and wildlife perfect for simultaneously forgetting and remembering where you are, while I.G. Park BBSR offers something closer to the English garden side, filling trim lawns with sculpted bushes and stately flower beds.

After you’ve gotten a glimpse of the region’s lush tropics, explore the ancient city’s surreal past visible through stored-away artifacts at the Odisha State Museum as well as still-living villages and old cities, whether it be the 11th-century Rajarani Temple or the 1st-century BCE oasis of Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves. An especially popular space that sticks out not only to locals but global tourists is the Lingaraja Temple, home to gorgeous courtyards and maintained gardens that juxtapose the centuries-old ruins. Spend the last few hours of the day shopping at BMC Bhawani Mall, a massive network of shops, restaurants, and cafes, afterward grabbing a bite at the city’s most popular eatery, Barbecue Nation.

Lounges at Biju Airport
The Mayfair Lounge is located on the ground floor of Terminal 1, offering free Wi-Fi, reading material, telephones, TVs, and drinks, plus disability access and a flight information monitor.

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