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        Berlin Airport Transportation

        About half an hour away from downtown, Berlin Schönefeld Airport offers moderate access to Berlin’s southeast side, making for an easy way to stay out of the city and closer to the scenic cottages of Schönefeld. With so much distance between the capital city of Berlin and SXF Airport, you’ll need a reliable lift. Make sure you go the extra mile by going through our options that include simple shuttles, private sedans & SUVs, not to mention convenient meet-and-greet services ranging from speedy taxis to local personal drivers.

        SXF Transportation
        As the second busiest airport in Berlin, it can be tough finding your way through Schönefeld’s four terminals. Take advantage by leaving it up to local providers classic airport shuttles, or leave it up to area companies, another local competitor that provides for just-as-easy rides at sometimes-lower rates. You can also utilize public transportation aboard the Berlin Regional-Express (S-Bahn), the old train on the north side while the newer train sits on the south, each one offering speedy rides to Berlin Central Station.

        Shared Ride Van
        Make sure no wall stands between you and having a good time by booking a shared ride van courtesy of area shuttle providers, looking forward to lifts as comfy as they are efficient, whether you’re in need of a lift to the Berlin Congress Center downtown or a reliable ride to the two destinations that matter most.

        Private Van
        Families looking to make the most of their time should get a ride comfortable enough to fit a dozen passengers, going with a private van for comfort’s sake while also taking as few trips as possible. Go with area shuttle companies to make your lift a dreamy one, seeing Berlin’s pretty side the most important way: together.

        Private Sedan
        From souvenir shopping to walking across countless urban parks, there’s plenty to explore by the hand of your own schedule. Make the whole day something to look forward with an intimate private sedan instead, going on long excursions across the surrounding countryside with the help of area shuttle providers many options.

        Local Personal Drivers
        Keep things personal by having someone who knows the region show you around, booking a local personal driver for the opportunity to not only make it to your destination on time but do it with a rich backdrop that explores the region’s turbulent history alongside delicate admiration for art.

        Private SUV
        Families looking to make the most out of each passing moment should turn what’s usually the most miserable part of a vacation into the most enjoyable with a private SUV, getting all the freedom in the world to come & go with one of local shuttle companies models.

        Taxi Cab
        Business travelers trying to make it to a downtown meeting at the Berlin Congress Center or simply catch a red eye at SXF Airport should go the extra mile with a taxi from area shuttle providers. Enjoy the commitment-free lifts for total efficiency, making sure you’ve got an easy foot in from point A to point B.

        Stretched Limousine
        Settle for nothing but the best when it comes to how you spend your free time, whether that means enjoying the little things on your way to an an event or looking forward to after hours in style, all with the help of one of local providers classic stretched limousines.

        Chartered Bus
        Large groups looking to take the party on the move should reserve a chartered bus to make it happen, reserving a ride from area shuttle providers to make a splash everywhere they go, whether it’s a family-friendly adventure that waits at one of many theme parks or something more tourist-friendly within the popular Friedrichstraße district.

        SXF Airport Terminals

        Terminal A
        Terminal A is the oldest of the four, offering eighteen check-in counters as well as gates 57-65 (ground level) & 1-11 (level 2). You can find many Information Desks including TUI Staff and Tourist Information, not to mention a variety of restaurants & shops.

        Terminal B
        The 2016 expansion of Terminal B added gates 57-65 as well as an additional nine check-in counters. One to-go restaurant can be found here.

        Terminal C
        With Terminal C included to administer flights to Israel, the facility is great at controlling large crowds. Terminal C also doubles as a security check-in for all terminals.

        Terminal D
        In 2005, the airport added Terminal D along with seventeen check-in points – During the 2016 renovation, Terminal D underwent a parallel reconstruction period as Terminal B, adding thousands of square footage to what is now known as D2.


        Berlin Airport Shuttles
        Miles from downtown, it can be tough to get from touching the ground to surrounded by where you want to be. Make it easy by reserving a shuttle with one of many local providers, from local private sedan providers is helpful bag-handling services to the on-time guarantee offered by area providers.

        Keep in mind that no one offers better deals than us, as our operators are always on standby, ready to help with any trip you’ve got in mind, whether you’re visiting the south side and want to leave time to go exploring or feel like staying close to the airport’s attractions. For the latter, look forward to a variety of business-friendly locales ranging from the open lawns at Golf Club & Golfcenter to the quaint trails at Landscape Park, not to mention an IKEA near the east wing.

        Keep track of your reservation, whether you schedule a ride through one of our operators or simply want a vehicle at the Car Rental Center (TA), all by looking for the right information. Start by printing out your email after reservations are made as well as saving a digital photo, also keeping an eye out for Ground Transportation as a last resort. If you get lost or head to the Information Desk in Terminal A.

        About Berlin Schönefeld Airport
        Though Berlin Schönefeld Airport isn’t the most popular gateway in the massive city of over 3 million, the buzzy airport still gets a lot of traffic that contributes to Berlin’s economy. Get a good handle on what it means to be efficient by making sure you’ve got the right hotel booked, choosing between the Albergo Hotel Berlin on Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee or the MEININGER Hotel on Alexander-Meißner-Straße, both of which offer free airport shuttles as well as down-the-street access from public transportation.

        If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of as soon as you arrive, it’s the amount of eats & entertainment offered by on-site vendors. Choose from a variety of restaurants ranging from Marché Bistro, which offers to-go sandwiches, desserts, and healthy drinks in both Terminal A and B, or Cindy’s Diner Schönefield, home to great breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a vintage backdrop within Terminal C. Those waiting on delays should stop by the RELAY Newsstand for a variety of souvenirs and magazines perfect for passing the time, or head to Heinemann for household treats and accents perfect for remembering your time in Berlin.

        Keep track of just how much there is to do in the immediate area on top of it all, keeping close to the small town of Rudow for an inside look at rustic streets complemented by modern cafes, markets, and townhomes great for seeing what lies on the north side of the airport. Continue north toward Britzer Garten afterward, one of Berlin’s most iconic attractions due to images that reminisce of classic Germany, from tulip beds in front of windmills to the still waters of Hauptsee (Main Lake), not to mention an old amusement park.

        Berlin Destinations
        Find your way across uncharted waters by knowing the way well, starting by how to get to know the city’s unique backdrop. Placed at the center of Germany, the capital city of Berlin is a great way to explore a history that dates back to the 13th century while looking forward to an always up-and-coming art scene, the many exhibits and landmarks dedicated to the surreal era of the holocaust as much as thumping music that rumbles from techno clubs. Compliment the day with classic sites like Zoo Berlin, which boasts Asia-themed architecture and lush habitats great for relaxing in the city.

        Escape into the vast history that spans centuries of wars, human atrocities, and political turmoil as well, starting with the Berlin Wall Memorial, which still offers a slice of wall displaying a relic the country’s own civil unrest. Move onto the Pergamon Museum afterward, looking forward to the many ancient artifacts that include relics from Rome, Greece, Babylon and Persia, each one unlocking bizarre secrets from some of the world’s earliest human civilizations. Don’t forget to check out the incredible Charlottenburg Palace, a Baroque-style mansion renown for its huge estate gardens and priceless interior paintings.

        Services Berlin Airport
        Understand everything that lies between you and having a good time by knowing what amenities are offered as soon as you land at SXF, from passenger information offered by Terminal A’s Information Desk to the Lost & Found near Terminal D. Keep in mind the modern assistance provided by the Berlin Schoenefeld app as well, utilizing handy passenger flight information and an extensive list of airport services. A variety of banks, ATMs, and family restrooms are also located throughout each terminal.

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