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Sep 18, 2021
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Instead of being dragged down by a rental, get a car with low commitment and easier access so you can spend as little time as possible driving. Get a ride from us for a quick and simple taxi cab, juggling the necessary with the casual as easily as it is to say, ‘go, please.’


Go for a relaxing tour through a museum while you’re out, making Rembrandt House one of your first stops. The restored 17th-century house was the home of the famous painter for at least 20 years and currently showcases several of his etchings and writings from the time.


If you’d rather do something outside, Amsterdam is also a great place to explore nature. Home to wild steer, quaint village-like communities and trails that go into Netherlands’ famous plains, Park De Oeverlanden is one of the most scenic places to get away from the city. The recreation area is also close to downtown, making the trip swift and cheap.


With so much happening in such a small area of space, downtown Amsterdam is a great place to be, but a nearly impossible part of the world to get around. Make your trip a piece of cake and parking irrelevant by reserving a taxi cab from us, taking care of the business of travel while enjoying the pleasure of sightseeing. Visit a variety of historic landmarks as well as some of the strangest museums on the planet by utilizing your taxis best reward - time.


Founded in the 13th century, Amsterdam has been around long enough to produce some of the world’s greatest historic wonders. Visit a quaint landmark that you didn’t know existed, checking out old locales like the De Gooyer Windmill, famous for being the tallest wooden mill in the country. Designed in the style of the old country, the site is a classic icon that fits perfectly in one of the most progressive cities on earth.


There are a lot of things Amsterdam is known for doing well, but none compare to how successfully the city executes the art of weird. This can be seen in the many strange galleries and exhibits sprawled across town, particularly the eccentric Museum of Bags and Purses. Set in a grandiose 1666 canal house, the museum displays over 500 years of bag designs, showing the evolution of one of fashion’s greatest innovations.
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