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Sep 26, 2023
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Alesund Airport Transportation

Located on Norway’s western shores, Alesund Airport rests on an island just north of the quaint town of Alesund, home to a small population and renowned for its art nouveau houses cramped along a tiny island. See all the renowned attractions the moment you land by doing it with a ride worth witnessing it, choosing between a number of vehicle options below, from the family-friendly adventures inside an SUV to the quiet adventures with a sedan.

AES Transportation
A laid-back facility that rarely sees the stress of traffic, Alesund Airport doesn’t offer any sort of light rail system or train into the city. A twenty-minute drive and three islands away from downtown Alesund, the ride to your hotel can be a scenic one if you give yourself the chance to take it slow, the perfect ride to offer such peace being a shuttle from taxi as well as shuttle providers.

Shared Ride Van
Jam-packed with museums and unique architecture, sightseeing across the 38 square miles of downtown Alesund can be easy with a simple drop-off. Do so by reserving a shared ride van from area companies, enjoying a ride that doubles as an easy-going tour of nearby islands, waterways, and the heart of Alesund.

Private Van
Make sure the whole family is comfortable by reserving a private van the moment you get off your flight, booking with local shuttle companies to make tomorrow stress-free, whether that means your time as you hike across the scenic lands of Geitnausa in the east or watching the sunset at the western shores of Tueneset.

Private Sedan
A popular romantic getaway, Alesund is a great way to experience the quiet side of Norway, even more if you’ve got a private sedan doubling as your vacation’s chariot. Reserve with local companies to see kitschy museums and moving lighthouses at a flash, all at the relaxation of your own schedule.

Local Personal Drivers
See the world from the perspective of its natives by booking a local personal driver, gaining an insider’s perspective of Alesund, from where the best seafood is to which hotels offer happy hour, not to mention late-night entertainment found at a handful of venues & bars downtown.

Private SUV
One of the most rewarding ways to experience the surreal island is as a family, something that can easily be done with a private SUV from local companies. Reach uncharted waters together, looking forward to aquatic adventures that lie within the depths of The Atlantic Sea Park as much as soaring views from the acclaimed Alnes Lighthouse.

Taxi Cab
Go efficient when it comes to reaching your destination, reserving a taxi for pick-ups at the airport as well as drop-offs to events at the Parken Culture House. Perfect for arriving on-time and without the hassle of parking, the option is east for letting the island’s laid-back attitude take over every part of your day.

Stretched Limousine
Going all out in a city as unique is Alesund is anything but odd, especially with so many world-renowned restaurants and entertainment. Book a stretched limousine from area providers to arrive in elegance, whether it’s a weekend trip to the famous Alesund Theater Festival or a night of fine dining at XL Diner.

Chartered Bus
A great option for groups exceeding a dozen passengers, chartered buses are an ideal choice to experience the stunning shores of the Norwegian Sea while keeping everyone together. Reach even further oases, from the quietude of Borgund Church to ferry rides across surrounding fjords, all by booking ahead of time.

AES Airport Terminals
The small Alesund Airport is home to one single-level terminal, split into an International and Domestic side. With a large food court and surrounding shops at the center of the main terminal, as well as car rental agencies, you’ll have everything you need at arm’s reach. Arrivals and departures are located on the ground floor, plus information desks, ATMs, and baggage claim. Due to a lack of air bridges, many of the passengers are required to reach their plane through a tarmac staircase – handicap assistance is provided.


Alesund Airport Shuttles

Get to know every part of the city in a way that saves you time and money by reserving a shuttle from either local or private shuttle providers , both of which can get you where you need to go on-time and with all the convenience in the world.

Placed in a region that’s filled and surrounded by unique island getaways, Alesund is a beacon of historic homes, nautical-themed landmarks, and the ever-looming backdrop of mountainous islands. Know what’s waiting on any side of town, whether you’re looking forward to a museum downtown or a day at The Atlantic Sea Park Aquarium on the western island of Hessa. If you find yourself on the east side with nothing to do, spend the day at Sunnmore Museum, a world-famous facility known for its medieval artifacts and open-air grounds.

Have a shuttle ready and waiting at Alesund Airport when you land by keeping track of all the important info, from what time your ride plans to pick up to where they plan to wait. Write it down in a travel journal, double-checking the details with your confirmation email sent at the time of reservation. If you’re not sure where ground transportation is, ask a helper at the information desk for guidance, also considering a phone call to your service provider.

About Alesund Airport
With a distance of 11 miles from downtown, Alesund Airport offers a meek distance between total quietude and the hustle & bustle of surrounding island cities. Located on island of Viagra, the airport also offers a scenic backdrop the moment you arrive, close enough to downtown and home to handful of hotels that make settling down easy. The most visited stay on Viagra is Glede pA Reisen Guesthouse, popular with business travelers who want to stay close to their flight while enjoying the view.

Those who plan on staying at the airport longer than expected should look forward to a handful of shops and eateries to pass the time with ease. Get what you need at Travel Value, also considering the regional souvenirs & gifts at Point Kiosk, both of which are located on the Domestic side near a couple of restaurants; the sports bar ambiance of O’Learys and the baguettes at Upper Crust. International fliers have a spacious Duty Free shop as well as the trendy scenery at News Bar to choose from as well.

Those planning to hang out near the airport for the rest of their stay should get used to the Viagra's most popular landmarks. Start with the Roaldsen Wildlife Sanctuary, a popular bird-watching destination home to shallow beaches and rare plants that compliment the seasonal migrations of dozens of bird species. On the north side of the island is the Molnes Nature Preserve, another scenic spot with quaint trails and idyllic lawns perfect for a windy picnic. Grab a bite to eat at the nearby village of Roald as well, one of the most beloved options being the fresh sausage at Roald Kjott Vigramor.

Alesund Destinations
Find the beauty of Alesundby cherishing its past, present, and future, something that can easily be done at a variety of museums. Start with the famous AlesundMusuem, a historic three-floor exhibit that offers a tour of the city’s history alongside the ornamental accents of a famous mansion. Uncover even more at the Fisheries Museum of Alesund, an underrated exhibit on the north side of town, located inside of an old boat house. For something lesser-seen, visit Walde House, home to two stories of exhibit space perfect for admiring the old all alone. Last but not least, the most visited museum is Jugendstilsenteret, a famous art nouveau pharmacy showcasing the golden era of architecture and interior design, not to mention a slice of classic Alesund life.

Get to know the less constructed side of town by seeing what rests on the outskirts as well, whether that means visiting the village of Hoffland or relaxing on the beaches of Giske. Go far by staying close at the Alnes Lighthouse, home to astounding views of the Norwegian Sea as well as the experience of driving across three islands before you arrive where you practically started. To the east of downtown is Borgundgavlen, a tranquil oasis surrounded by placid ponds, a mountainous landscape, and the overarching harmony of nature. Reward your hike with a well-deserved meal at Lyspunktet Café afterward, the city’s most popular eatery due to its rustic-industrial look complimented by bright windows perfect for lunch and dinner.

Lounges at Alesund Airport
Make your time on the tranquil island even quieter by getting access to a VIP or executive lounge in the event of a layover. Located in the main terminal, the SAS Café Lounge is Alesund Airport’s only executive hang out spot, offering free Wi-Fi, access to fax machines, plus complimentary drinks & snacks. Access is granted through lounge membership programs as well as paid passes at the front desk.

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