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Apr 27, 2024
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Agartala Airport Transportation

Located on the west side of Agartala, the capital city of the Indian state of Tripura, Agartala International Airport offers an instant view of the Bangladesh-India border, making for easy trips to either country. Whichever side you’re headed, make sure you’ve got a ride that can show you the beauty of the quiet terrain, whether you’re interested in discovering hidden pastures and villages with your own private rental or wanting a quick drop-off to one of the many convention centers across town.

IXA Transportation
Home to pre-paid taxis and bus lines, the public transportation options near Agartala Airport are limited, at least on the India side of the Bangladesh-India border. Those traveling to Bangladesh have the benefit of 3 railway stations (Mera Shani, Singer Bill, and Ajjampur) less than a mile away, as well as a ferry terminal that takes passengers through the Titas River, dropping off to a variety of cities and small towns including Brahmanbaria, Narsingdi, and Narayanganj. For an easy ride to downtown Agartala, reserve a shuttle from either local taxi or sedan providers, getting a timely pick-up and personalized drop-off that wastes no time.

Shared Ride Van
Those in need of a one-time drop-off should get to know the area with a shared ride van by your side, enjoying a wide variety of surrounding hotels and resorts by booking with local shuttle providers. Choose between opulent nights at Hotel Sonar Tori or hidden retreats from Rudra Hill Forest Resort, all in relaxation.

Private Van
Reserve a private van to take care of up to a dozen passengers, booking with area providers to see grandiose escapes without ever breaking up, from the English-style gardens at Nehru Park to the east side leisure within the Fourteen Gods’ Temple.

Private Sedan
A city known for its quaint isolation and intimate streetside markets, Agartala can be a busy locale as well as a quiet afternoon oasis. Get to know every corner by booking a private sedan to carry you through each corner with ease, booking with area sedan providers to check out the statues at Rabindra Kanan as well as the tranquil waters of Dim Sagar Lake Park.

Local Personal Drivers
Uncover Agartala’s rarely seen side by getting a local personal driver to show you the best hidden gems, from which scenic back roads compliment the ride to Lembucherra Park to which eatery along Hari Ganga Basak Road offers the most eclectic eateries.

Private SUV
Families or medium-sized groups carrying up to six passengers should book a private SUV from area companies to ensure everyone’s comfy for long trips, whether you’re planning an afternoon road trip to the gorgeous Kalapania Nature Park or plan on a stately walk across the pristine lawns of Ujjayanta Palace.

Taxi Cab
Those interested in a commitment-free option should go the easiest route with a taxi rental, getting simple drop-offs to your hotel as well as quick rides to busy locations, whether it be to the massive shops, restaurants, and bars at ML Plaza or the diverse flicks at Rupasi Cinema.

Stretched Limousine
See the elegant side of Agartala by making sure you get around in likewise fashion, booking a stretched limousine from local airport transportation providers for upscale escapades across town, from the elevated views at Eatopia Zannat to the hidden tropical oasis that makes up the property of Rudra Hill Forest Resort.

Chartered Bus
Need to move over a dozen passengers from one great escape to the next? Reserve a chartered bus to stay ahead of the curve, enjoying widespread locales ranging from the on-site museum and art of Ujjayanta Palace while looking forward to the many shops, vendors, and food stands at the scenic Lake Chowmuhani Market.

IXA Airport Terminals
IXA Airport is a single-terminal facility with 2 levels of limited services and amenities that include: free Wi-Fi, shops, restaurants, a VIP lounge, security, baggage claim, luggage carts, pre-paid taxis, and various art throughout the waiting area.


Agartala Airport Shuttles
If you’re heading to Bangladesh just west of the airport, you’ll have instant access to the country’s intricate ferry system, while those traveling to the capital city of Agartala will be restricted to India’s limited public transport options. Book though either area sedan or shuttle providers to make time fly by, looking forward to the beauty of the small town; any side, any time.

Those planning to get dropped off in the eastern town of Ranirbazar will have a quiet collection of getaways along the Haora River, including the stunning Fourteen Gods’ Temple and the Haveli Museum next-door. Just north of town are a few parks, garden, and golf courses, while the south side includes simple suburban scenery as well as easy access to Agartala’s only 2 train stations. At the heart of downtown is where the capital city really starts to shine, from the historic temples to the countless bazaars and markets resting along the city’s waters.

Make sure you arrive wherever you’re trying to reach by having your priorities in order, starting with your shuttle reservation. Keep a print-out of your confirmation email handy as well as any additional info written down elsewhere, from emergency contact numbers to hotel check-in time. Also important to keep is print-outs and scans of your personal documentation, from driver’s license to passport, not to mention prescription medications that can be literal life-savers if you’re traveling abroad.

About Agartala International Airport
Located just 6 miles (10 km) from downtown, reaching Agartala is a simple trek, making nearby airport hotels a great trade-off. The closest option is A India Guest House, a cash-only hotel along PTC Road that offers free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and on-site car rentals. The closest options after that are a few miles east along Airport road, which include the business-friendly amenities of Ginger Hotel, first-timer’s assistance at Geetanjali Tourist Lodge, and honeymoon delights of The Boutique Guest House.

Have a good time during delays by looking forward to the many on-site eateries, shops, and cafes expected to expand in the near future. Sit down for a bite to eat at Curry in a Hurry, or enjoy a quick bite from Fast Food Sweet Corner. Shopping opportunities include locally-grown herbs from Korangani Tea as well as men’s fashion from Karlsburg, plus one duty-free shop. For leisure, there are a variety of art pieces installed throughout the lobby, including wooden sculptures on the ground and dazzling murals up high.

Those planning to book a room near the airport, or the north side of Agartala, have a lot to look forward to, from international adventures just west of the Bangladesh-India border in the form of nearby ferry terminals departing through the intricate river networks of Bangladesh, to other surreal getaways just north of Agartala, like scenic parklands that include the quiet trails of Lichubagan Garden and colorful bridges & gazebos across Lembucherra Park. Business travelers in search of an isolated break should head to Gandhigram Cantonment Golf Course for a moment’s peace, or to possibly find the perfect networking opportunity.

Agartala Destinations
As the capital of India’s state of Tripura, Agartala is a peaceful 19th-century city with a small downtown and high volume of scenic attractions. Explore the many stately landmarks across the core of the city, starting at Heritage Park, an ethereal space known for its mystical construct and calming gardens that make for perfect afternoon getaways. Tied with Heritage Park for being the most visited locale, Ujjayanta Palace offers a rare blend of Neoclassical and traditional Indian architecture, not to mention the Tripura Government Museum, which explores the state of Tripura’s historic journey, from ancient kingdoms to modern day parliament. A great final park to check out is Nehru Park, home to masterfully sculpted lawns and hedges, plus idyllic bridges that celebrate the art of meditative strolls.

With close access to the Bangladesh-India border, you’ll also have the option to explore the nearby countries famous ferry river system, which allows access to many of its major city at the ease of going with the flow. When you get tired of the outskirts, return to home base, checking out lesser seen landmarks like the astonishing Fourteen Gods’ Temple, famous for its adorned architecture and quiet scenery, while the underrated Malancha Niwas offers free access to an old estate transformed into a cultural heritage building beloved for its meditation events and silent view of the fringe. Finally, if there’s one last thing to try before you leave, it’s the famous fried moms from Momos N More, a simple space that’s by far Agartala’s most cherished restaurant.

Lounges at Agartala Airport
Currently, in 2018, there are no known VIP lounges in Agartala Airport, though the upcoming expansion of the new international/domestic terminal has plans to open a large luxury lounge fully stocked with upscale amenities.

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