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Nnamdi Azikiwe International ABV Airport Shuttle

Located west of Abuja, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport is a modern facility known for its ornate fixtures and marble floors, as well as close access to the capital of Nigeria. Take relaxation everywhere you go by reserving the right lift ahead of time, either going with a private sedan, SUV, or van for intimate travels, or saving some money with a convenient meet-and-greet service, whether it be through the efficiency of a taxi or the opulence of a stretched limousine.
GO Airport Shuttle at Abuja (ABV)

ABV Airport Transfers

Find other destinations that offer GO Airport Shuttle or search for other transportation providers at Abuja (ABV) airport.
Rides at ABV airport
Shuttle Locations
Looking for airport shuttle rides? Learn how you can get connected to the best shared ride van providers, sedans and private vans and view our airport transfer locations.

Abuja Airport Shuttle Service
There are many shuttle services in Abuja is available that will transport you to various destinations. Ground transportation at ABV Airport includes car rental services and taxis, plus a few bus lines, all of which can be reached through the airport on-site information desk. You can also get through the one-hour trek with the help of a personal shuttle, booking with either area providers or local companies for the added perk of custom drop-offs and comfy seats.

Shared Ride Van
Take a shared ride van to the Usman Dam, a must-see treasure of Abuja. It’s a great way to travel and meet other people. One of the best ways to enjoy your time in Abuja is through the help of a shared ride van – book with shuttle providers for commitment-rides to the city’s hottest all-in-one spots, whether it’s toward 4-star delights and free breakfast at Nordic Hotel or the and luxury nightlife and on-site eateries provided by Sandralia Hotel.

Private Van
If you’re a large group with others, take a private van and check out Abuja Arts & Crafts Village, where you can shop for some unique gifts and souvenirs. A city known for its wide open spaces and parks, big groups are more than welcome in Abuja. Carry up to a dozen passengers to high places with a private van, making arrangements with private companies for the freedom to do as you please, whether you’re looking forward to urban adventures at the Abuja Arts and Crafts Village or a long lookout from the many rock-side monoliths.

Private Sedan
Go with a special someone in one of our private sedans for a special evening touring the religious sites of Abuja, such as the Anglican Church of Nigeria or the Nigerian National Mosque. Reserve a private sedan to enjoy traveling with intimacy and freedom, booking with local companies to take all the time you need to enjoy Abuja’s stately landmarks, from the botanical gardens at the National Arboretum to the busy downtown events surrounding Millennium Park.

Local Personal Drivers
Check out all the local hidden gems such as the Grand Towers Abuja Mall, where you can find lots of interesting shops and eateries. Find quiet corners the locals call home by reserving a local personal driver, searching for the best eateries and cafés in the morning, afterward asking which attractions are the best for escaping the afternoon’s heat, finally topping off the night with recommendations on the best evening entertainment.

Private SUV
Take a Private SUV for outings to the elegant Abuja National Mosque and gain insight into the cultural heritage of the local people. Reserve a private SUV from ground transportation companies to carry up to six passengers without worry, filling the day with family-friendly attractions at the astounding Magicland Abuja, offering outdoor roller coasters as well as an indoor play plaza along the edge of Jabi Lake.

Taxi Cab
Get picked up or dropped off at your convenience by one of our many reliable taxicab services Abuja’s Airport. Get past the hassles of traffic and parking with a ride you can count on, reserving a taxi for speedy 24-hour pickups perfect for busy events in the Central Business District, whether you’re heading to the Abuja International Conference Centre for work or a busy event at Eagle Square.

Stretched Limousine
Have a high-class evening planned when you and your friends head out to the Nike Art Gallery in a limousine. Reserve a stretched limousine through local limo companies to see the bourgeoisie side of Abuja, getting luxury drop-offs to likewise locations, from the tablecloth setting at Panache Restaurant to local acts putting on theater plays and musicals at National Troupe.

If you’re a group of high-adrenalin adventurers, take a bus to the Dunes surrounding Abuja’s city life and experience the calming, serene quality it has to offer. For expansive views of flat desert juxtaposed by towering monoliths, reserve a chartered bus to discover Abuja’s backdrop as much as its core, walking across Jabi Lake waterside parks and promenades on the outskirts, then moving onto the open lawns and river views of Durban Street Neighborhood Park downtown.

ABV Airport Terminals
ABV Airport is a single-terminal facility with two levels of shops, restaurants, and services, plus relaxing art and decorative fixtures that compliment marble floors.

- Level 1: arrivals, check-in, baggage claim, luggage carts, ground transportation, duty-free shops, snacks stands, ATMs, banks, and elevator/escalator access to upper level.
- Level 2: departures, shops, restaurants, VIP lounges, showers, airport offices, free Wi-Fi, and elevator/escalator access to lower level.
Abuja Airport Shuttles
Abuja shuttle to the airport
Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport is located in the capital city of located in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria. The airport serves as the main international airport that provides service to the capital city.

Reservations are required and the company offers per vehicle rates. A bus service is also available for trips to the city. Taxis are also available outside of each terminal and can be pre-booked for peace of mind. Keep in mind that taxis, while more convenient and quicker, are far more expensive than a bus or shuttle. The standard compliment of rental cars is also available at the terminal if transportation is not prearranged or if plans change during your flight.

The Nnamdi Azikiwe International also offers ATM’s, phones and medical services in both terminals. Luggage carriers are located throughout the airport. Be sure to use only official porters as the informal porters may overcharge. The airport is well equipped to accommodate travelers with disabilities and special needs can be met if prior arrangements are made.

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Shuttles
With a long drive to look forward to, having a shuttle ready can go a long way in cutting down on time – book through either sedan companies or executive providers to see as many locales as possible, resting your legs after a long flight with the simplicity of hopping on and off.

Know how to have fun by knowing which neighborhood you’re headed to, choosing between the many west side options that include Jabi, which includes Jabi Lake’s popular theme parks, gardens, and malls, while Utako offers the same convenience alongside the added perk of suburban quietude. Located on the north end of the capital city is Maitama, also home to amusement parks as well as unique attractions like the Sarius Palmetum and National Arboretum. And finally, the city’s Central Business District adds all the comforts of home and more with access to high-end hotels and posh restaurants.

Once you’ve made shuttle reservations, keep organized by printing out your confirmation email, doing the same with any other exotic bookings, from special spa dates at Sheraton Abuja Hotel to dinner reservations at the posh Transcorp Hilton Abuja. Keep important documents stored safely as well, storing extra copies of your driver’s license, passport, and medical prescriptions on a flash or hard drive, also considering a travel journal to store everything in one place.

About Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport
A whopping 25 miles (40 km) from downtown, getting from the airport to the city can take upwards of up to an hour. Make everything much simpler by booking a hotel on the far west side of town, the closest option being Peace Media Hotels, located adjacent to the airport on Ring Road, while New England Hotel is located a bit further south. A cluster of hotels is also located in Lugbe, a small town just west of the airport, popular stays being Blue View Hotel, Best Budget Hotel, and Viclin Diamond Hotel.

If you find yourself stuck at the airport for a long period of time, look forward to the many distractions available on-site, exploring the food court, which includes a Popeye’s, an Italian restaurant, and local flavors courtesy of Things Remembered. Gi on a quick shopping spree afterward, finding duty-free goods and souvenirs at the large Dufry Shop, as well as a few small vendors selling perfume, hand-crafted goods, and snacks. For added relaxation, a VIP lounge is available on the upper level, offering free showers, Wi-Fi and snacks.

For the few who plan to stay close to the airport for the duration of their trip, look forward to the nearby delights of Gwaska, a small town located next-door to the airport, offering savory eats from Mobak-Link Restaurant and savory sweets at Market Bakery, while just north of the airport lie the wildlife of Zuma Hill Nature Reserve. Discover even more small town charms at Kuje, located south of the airport and home to the busy Kuje Main Market, which offers a range of alleyway pop-up shops and vendors selling just about anything you could think of, from food to home goods to clothing to incense.

Abuja Destinations
Though the city is surrounded by seemingly flat desert, the heart of Abuja contains striking geology, huge parks, and an array of markets, malls, and museums. Start the day by exploring the most obvious attraction, Zuma Rock, a popular monolith stone on the edge of town that bears a distinct face, also offering a towering view of the region through a challenging hike, while the equally popular Aso Rock is home to a slightly lower elevation and surreal slopes just east of downtown Central Business District. Also close to Aso Rock are two of the city’s most popular parks; the National Arboretum, home to shaded trails and a living exhibit of Nigeria’s most vibrant trees & plants, and Millennium Park, a tranquil space inaugurated by the Queen of England in 2003.

Spend some time shopping afterward, choosing between the rare finds and bargain deals at Abuja Arts and Crafts Village, or going for something more western-friendly at Jabi Lake Mall Abuja, located on the shores of Jabi Lake and offering close access to the area’s many waterside attractions, from the kid’s rides at Julius Burger Waterfront Park to the tranquil lookouts at Jabi Garden. Another popular marketplace is Grand Square, a popular food hub especially beloved for its fresh ingredients and urban surroundings of the Central Business District, while more family-friendly fun can be found at the expansive Abuja Children’s Park and Zoo, home to elephants, jungle cats, and zebras. Finally, no trip would be complete without trying the most flavorful restaurants, either by sitting down for traditional African at Nkoyo or going with classic Mediterranean at BluCabana Restaurant & Café.

Lounges at Abuja Airport
-     Gabfol Lounge: Located on upper level. Perks include free Wi-Fi, showers, TVs, and drinks, plus disability access and flight information monitors.
-     SDS Lounge: Located on upper level. Perks include free Wi-Fi, showers, TVs, telephones, fax machines, reading material, and drinks, plus disability access and flight information monitors.
-     @9tysix Lounge: Located on the upper level. Perks include free Wi-Fi, TVs, telephones, reading material, and drinks, plus disability access and flight information monitors.
-     Lounge One: Located on upper level. Perks include free Wi-Fi, TVs, telephones, and drinks, plus disability access and flight information monitors.

About Abuja Airport
The Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport is named in honor of Doctor Nnamdi Azikiwe, the country’s first Governor General and President. The airport is located an about 26 miles from the capitol city’s business district. The airport’s assigned International Air Transport Association code is ABV. The airport is the second busiest in the country behind Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport services over 6 million international and domestic passengers annually. The airport also provides service for a limited number of cargo carriers in addition to the commercial passenger traffic.

ABV has two terminals to handle passenger flights. The terminals are being updated to better accommodate passenger volume and to enhance the airport’s security. The two terminals are within walking distance to each other. The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport offers all the amenities frequent travelers are familiar with. The airport offers a paid Wi-Fi service and most standard ground transportation options are available.

Abuja Area Hotels and Resorts
The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport has numerous luxury and budget friendly hotels and resorts within easy reach. Some popular choices include: the Western Dreams Hotel, the Nordic Residence Hotel Abuja, the Chida International Hotel, and the Sheraton Abuja Hotel. Check with your hotel for the availability of airport shuttles.

The airport also offers abundant food and beverage choices including grab and go food, restaurants offering a variety of menu options, fast food choices and cafes in each terminal. The airport also sports a variety of shopping choices including bookshops, magazine and book shops and souvenir shops. A duty-free shop is located in the International Terminal. There is no full service business center or conference facilities at the airport but several hotels in the area are equipped with full service business facilities.

ABV Contact Information
Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport
Abuja, Nigeria
Airport Code: ABV