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Trois Rivières Transfers shuttles

Trois Rivières Transfers Shuttles

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Jul 24, 2024
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Translated to ‘three rivers’, the French-Canadian city of Trois Rivières is located a couple dozen miles downstream from Quebec City. The city’s Port de Trois-Rivieres is the main arrival for cruise ships, offering a scenic cobblestoned promenade leading to a cruise information desk as well as close walking distance to a variety of waterfront cafes and restaurants. Enjoy the region with ease by utilizing public transportation, either in the form of bus routes along Rue Saint Georges or urban greenbelt views from the poetry-adorned Promenade de la Poesie. Get more information at the Tourisme Trois-Rivières, located about ten minutes walking distance from the port and lots of good pamphlets. Other modest forms of transportation include private rentals like sedans perfect for solo trips up the Boulevard des Chenaux, or enjoy quiet family trips to Parc Pie-XII. Meet-and-greet services are also special for those interested in getting dropped off wherever, whether that means reserving a local personal driver for the chance to see things from the ground’s perspective, or taxis that can drop off at the heart of historic downtown.


Once transportation is figured out, see things from a different perspective, all starting with what rests closest to the port. Especially near are the relaxed waterfront views of Café Frida as well as opulent dishes courtesy of the Poivre Noir. Beyond specialty French-Canadian cuisine, the local culture can be discovered through its unique array of architecture and exhibits - start at the colonial-style Manor de Niverville, walking through old hardwood rooms before considering the brightly accented Musée POP. Admire adorned religious architecture at the Musée Des Ursulines for something quieter, afterward taking a relaxing walk across the church grounds, finally topping the afternoon off with a stroll at the massive Museum Pierre Boucher on the north side of town. End the afternoon with a modest walk along Parc Pie-XII after all indoor adventures come to a close, looking out at still waters while pondering what rests at the next cruise stop.

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