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Strait of Magellan shuttles

Strait of Magellan Port Shuttles

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Jun 22, 2024
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Among some of the southernmost communities of South America, the Strait of Magellan is home to a cluster of icy islands part of a few Chilean national parks. With several communities resting along the strait’s warmer bays, cottage homes are nestled from cold winds at the mountain’s foothills, one of the most popular being Punta Arenas. One of two main cruise terminals, called the Tres Puentes Terminal, is located just north of Punta Arenas, while the quieter Bahia Chilota is located across the strait in the smaller port town of Porvenir. An intricate road network links many of the towns, while island communities can be accessed through boat transfers departing from downtown ferry terminals. Conversely, land transfers include an array of private options like small sedans best for coastline drives alone, as well as meet-and-greet services designed for drop offs via local personal drivers in search of special moments, and taxis that can drop off to exotic all-in-one amusement parks.


Especially cool landmarks close to Punta Arenas’ north side include the historic ship replicas housed within the colonial-era Nat Victoria Museum, as well as the long forgotten pioneer era told at the Museum of Remembrance. Walk along cobblestoned shorelines for views of old sheep statues at the Ovejero Monument, more downtown hangouts ranging from the famous Plaza Armas Punta Arenas and its Portuguese-era monuments and architectural accents. Continue toward the outskirts for views of even more parks, including the Magellan National Reserve’s vast oasis of natural caverns, long wooden bridges and modest mountain hikes home to rewarding views at the top. Slightly further along Highway 9 rest a few more worthy hideaways, like the 19th-century Bulnes Fort and its stoic inlet lookouts, as well as San Isidro Lighthouse’s pebble-lined coves, and occasional views of dolphins. Back in town, settle for dinner with one of many restaurants worthy of a long conversation, whether it be through upscale Chilean served at Sotito’s Restaurant, or late-night Asian from Buda Express.

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