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        Arriving on time is a vital task, especially if you happen to be in town for business. Whether you’re checking into your hotel in the middle of the night or in need to catch a red eye, a taxi cab can be one of the easiest and most reliable forms of transportation. Get a quick and affordable ride by scheduling a pick-up with one of the local taxi companies as soon as you step off your plane.


        If you’re a foody, explore the area’s many cafes and restaurants by grabbing some coffee at from the friendly staff at Cafe Puerto Rico, located along Calle O’Donnell. For a more sit-down feel, skip the cozy for a classic dish at 1919. Known for its organic cuisine and beautiful ocean views, the restaurant is a great place to seal a business deal or simply escape from the busy with a treat by the sea.


        After treating the taste pallet, give yourself some eye candy by getting dropped off at the Museum of Art Puerto Rico. Housed in a beautiful Neoclassical mansion, the museum offers some of the best Puerto Rican art, from old nativist paintings to colonist drawings. Go for a quick tour or a simple walk through the facility, enjoying the afternoon like a fine flower.
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