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Shineikan hotel shuttles

Shineikan Hotel Shuttles

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Dec 06, 2021
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A cozy back-alley hotel at the heart of Chita Peninsula’s small town of Mihama, Shinmeikan provides unmatched comfort and convenience through traditional Japanese rooms inside a modest building. Business travelers looking to stay as close to the water as the nearby Mihama Cho Noma Community Center will find themselves pleased with the location, while lovers of the minimalist can look forward to rooms that come with tatami mats and chabudai tables, plus pillows and sliding-door closets. Also available are various bed-and-breakfast delicacies served from the cook downstairs, making it the perfect spot to not only enjoy a home-cooked meal but a friendly hello. Transfers to the rest of the peninsula are available via the Noma Train Station, though direct drop offs to Chubu Centrair International are not available. Get to your flight hassle-free by booking your own ride instead, choosing between private vehicle rentals like quaint sedans and chartered buses that fit over a dozen, or meet-and-greet services for professional drop offs courtesy of taxis, limousines or local personal drivers.


Find what the area has to offer by going on a quick tour of the neighborhood, moving north for family-friendly seaside attractions that include adventures at Minamichita Beach Land aquariums as well as colorful indoor play areas at Minamichita Toy Kingdom. And located south along the shoreline are various fishing piers and restaurants along Tomisaki Harbor, where tourists can enjoy passerby from Noa Noa Cafe before watching the sunset from the historic Noma Lighthouse. Continue your journey into the past by visiting the Grave of Oda Nobutaka, the landmark burial place of the 16th-century Oda clan samurai, afterward moving onto the ancient 7th-century Nomadaibo Buddhist Temple renowned for its legendary pond that forebodes unlucky events. End the evening with dinner perfect for talking over the day’s events, whether it be the casual diner ambiance of Lighthouse Ramen or Sri Lankan cuisine with a view from the seaside Nanyonochichi South.

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