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Valentines Day Chocolate Destinations


Top 5 romantic destinations for couples

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World’s Best Chocolate Cities
Its that time of year again. February is here and love is in the air. For a lot of us Valentine’s Day brings to mind one thing, chocolate. For those of you thinking of taking your sweetheart away this year for a romantic getaway you may be considering a destination where you can sample some sweet chocolatey confections. The question is, where are the world’s top chocolate destinations to impress your love this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day Romantic Getaways

Romantic getaways for couples
Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the most romantic day of the year. That’s why it is the perfect excuse to whisk your special someone away on a romantic getaway. If you’re planning a trip to make this February 14 extra special here are a few suggestions for you to make your trip go smoothly.


→ Make sure to make dinner reservations at your destination ahead of time. A romantic dinner is one way to show someone you care. It’s never fun to choose the perfect restaurant only to get there and find that they have no more tables available. Make sure you don’t get caught eating fast food on your big night, plan ahead to make your evening perfect.


→ Pack appropriately for your destination. Make sure you check the weather and plan for each activity that you are will be going to on your trip. You don’t want to show up to a black tie affair in blue jeans or forget to pack shorts for your beach vacation.


→ Make sure to plan both plenty of activities and ample downtime. You’ll want to spend some alone time with your date as well have some excitement. Make sure you balance out your trip to maximize the romance factor for your and your sweetheart.


Whether you are planning a tropical getaway or a quiet weekend at a quaint bed and breakfast in the countryside the key to a good vacation is always planning ahead. This way you can concentrate on more important things like spending time together making memories.




Chocolates from San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
First stop on our world chocolate tasting tour is sunny California. Most people think of San Francisco as being famous for great sea food, trolley cars and wine country. Many forget that San Francisco is also home to the world famous Ghirardelli Square which is where you’ll find the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. Here you can sample some of the company’s world famous chocolates and the equally delectable ice cream creations. If you are a foodie and are looking for a less commercial chocolate experience, don’t worry there are plenty of options for you too. For a sampling of chocolate from some of the area’s smaller local chocolatiers you can take advantage of one of the many top notch chocolate tasting tours.


Chocolates from Paris, France
Paris, France
What Valentine’s Day destination list would be complete without the City of L’amour? Paris, France makes you think of fashion, culture, great wine and food and of course romance. Paris is also home to some of the world’s finest chocolate. The french have a passion for life and this city loves its sweets. If you want to sample some of the local chocolate a good start would be taking a walking chocolate tour. These are great because a tour guide can take you to some of the places you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered on your quest for world-class, mind-blowing chocolate.


London, United Kingdom Chocolates
London, UK
For chocolate that will knock your socks off look no further than across the pond to London, UK. London is most well known for the royal family, fish ’n chips and of course fabulous pubs. What you may not think of is chocolate but London has some of the tastiest chocolate in the world. With tons of chocolate tours offered by experienced such as Chocolate Ecstasy Tours to choose from, you can discover the sweeter side of this great city. You and your special someone will have a great time discovering some of the amazing chocolate shops around London. You can go grab a pint of ale and some fish ’n chips afterward.



Zurich, Switzerland Chocolates
Zurich, Switzerland
We can’t very well talk about chocolate without talking about Switzerland, can we? Zurich is home to countless chocolatiers including one of my personal favorites, Lindt & Sprungli. Although you can’t tour the factory you can certainly visit and purchase the yummy treats at the factory outlet shop. If an authentic swiss chocolate experience is what you are after then look no further than the Sweet Zurich Tour where you can learn all about Swiss chocolates and desserts and visit some of the "sweet spots" that are off the beaten path.



Chocolates from Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Last on our list is Madrid, Spain. Although Spain is usually associated with wine, olive oil, cheeses and tapas, this lovely city is also a beacon for the chocolate lover. Think warm churros dipped in melted chocolate fondue-style. The Spanish take their chocolate seriously and so will you. If you want to discover some the unknown, and well-known, chocolatiers and bakeries in Madrid here’s a great Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Madrid to find out where to stop to get your chocolate fix. Enjoy! 



Other Vacation Tips and Ideas
Valentine’s Day only comes once a year so why not make the best of it and do something unexpected and unique for your loved one to show them how much you care. With so many traditional ways to celebrate the holiday each year, why not make this year one that they will always remember with some ideas that are a bit out of the norm. 


Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with creative ideas to make the day special for your significant other. Maybe you’re tired of the same old candy hearts and cards and want to do something new this year or maybe it’s your first Valentine’s Day with a new love interest. Either way sometimes breaking out of the mold can be difficult. Here are some ideas that can help inspire your inner romantic.


Romantic dining ideas
Need ideas for a  romantic dinner?
While there are many traditional dinner ideas you can try during your chocolate getaway, try spicing up your vacation with something unique that your special someone will remember for a lifetime.
Romantic dinner ideas
Flowers for Valentines
Saying I love you with flowers?
Flowers for Valentine’s Day are a classic but you may be at a loss for what to do when you aren’t going to be there on the big day. Here are some easy ways that you can give your partner that bouquet of blooms while you are out of town.
Valentine Day Flowers



Get Valentine Candies
Personalized M&M’s Candies?
Give your Valentine a personal message from you that is unique and fun. You can also search through the entire M&M’s website for additional ways to make your Valentines the sweetest ever.
Find wedding proposal ideas
Thinking of popping the question?
Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to ask the big question. If you are planning on proposing this year be sure to make it a special memory you’ll both cherish forever through your new life together.
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