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Jul 26, 2024
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Along Brazil’s eastern seafront, the city of Recife is a vibrant colonial-style town with scenic residential neighborhoods great for afternoon walks as well as an array of seafood restaurants along resort-lined beaches. Cruise goers arriving to the tourist-filled community will most likely find themselves arriving to the Recife Cruise Port, located along the small urban island of Recife off the coast of the mainland version of the city. Instantly surrounded by the charm of old exhibits and docks, the port is a great starting point, offering close subway connects on the neighboring island of Santo Antonio, reachable by bridge and home to the Recife Subway Station’s three main transfers into downtown; other ways of getting around include the nearby beauty of Cais da Aurora’s greenbelt paths, auto transfers adding a bit more convenience through the intimacy of private transfers like sedans and SUVs, meet-and-greet services like taxis and local personal drivers making spacious parks on the outskirts especially easy to reach.


When it comes to having fun along Recife’s coastline, start with the idyllic island of Recife itself. Filled with cool exhibits that range from Paço do Frevo’s modern take on regional dance and frevo-style music, to the cobblestoned roads and spacious plazas of Marco Zero Square. Look out at the water from Malakoff Tower afterward, watching sunset from a 19th-century observation deck before settling down for evening adventures in Santo Antonio. Less than half a mile west of Recife Island, the church-filled streets of Santo Antonio bring even more of the city’s old culture into daily life, not only through various street markets but detailed city history at the Recife City Museum. Even more adventures await on other mainland neighborhoods Recife; Santo Amaro, Madalena and Afogados. For dinner, try something exemplary, whether it be the upscale seafood at Entre Amigos, or easy-to-handle buffet options from Parraxaxa Restaurant.

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