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Puerto Montt shuttles

Puerto Montt Shuttles

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Jul 26, 2024
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Along the shores of Chile’s southern city of Puerto Montt, the beauty of the port city isn’t just in its local love of art and Euro-style socializing across vast public plazas, but astounding graces with nature ranging from towering peaks of the Andes mountains to vast fishing along the waters of the Patagonian fjords. Most cruise ships pass these fjords on the way to Puerto de Puerto Montt, or ‘Port of Montt Port’; also a ferry terminal for other Chilean islands sprinkled along the nation’s jagged coastline, the arrival point is a relaxed place to first greet the city, surrounded by a handful of convenient stores, restaurants and modest hotels. A bus line can be utilized along the waterfront’s Angelmó Road, the closest access points being the Empress Porturia Station and the Caleta Angelmó Station, meet-and-greets adding to the convenience with tranquil tours guided by local personal drivers as well as chauffeured limousines that make lavish arrivals to restaurants easy.


Located south of all the buzz, Puerto Montt’s cruise port is a quiet introductory neighborhood perfect for a growingly popular cruise economy. In-town getaways include the Puerto Montt Historical Museum, home to various historic artifacts that include small model ships, animal dioramas and vintage locomotives. Next door to the exhibit is Plaza Camahueto, a great meeting spot due to its easy-to-see location near a bright church, and walking-distance to Puerto Montt Bus Terminal’s many routes. Mall Paseo Costanera is by far the most popular shopping spot in the city due to its location along the scenic waterfront Highway 7, where a myriad of other social hangouts rest such as the Plaza de La Dignidad Puerto Montt, and the kitschy couple statue at Escultura Sentados Frente al Mar. Conversely, natural escapes rest a bit further on the outskirts, from the lush waterfalls and shrouded jungle paths of Alerce Andino National Park to exhilarating rapids visible from the easier to reach Petrohué Waterfalls.

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