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Port of Québec Transfers shuttles

Port of Québec Transfers Shuttles

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Jul 26, 2024
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Along the edge of the St Charles River, the Port of Québec offers an idyllic view of the city’s quiet north side. Slowly get to know the neighborhood upon the cruise ship’s arrival, looking forward to the beauty of the Basse-Ville area’s quiet cafes and museums, as well as the epic cathedrals and trendy boutique shopping from the stoic Saint-Roch district. The port also offers instant access to the narrow passages of the Vieux-Québec Montcalm neighborhood, and its public transport options ranging from a few bus lines commuting down Rue Abraham Martin, to the Gare du Palais Train Station’s cross-city transfers. Private alternatives include simple sedans ideal for seeing the region’s many French-inspired nooks with likewise intimacy, plus big vans and SUVs perfect for bringing at least half a dozen people toward piney outskirts. A vast array of meet-and-greet services also offer ultimate convenience through the unique recommendations of local drivers, fast routes only known by taxis, plus elegant limousine perfect for swanky dinner arrivals along the wharf.


Before starting the day, look forward to what’s closest to the cruise port, especially unique landmarks found in the scenic Old Port Québec City, home to a wide variety of nautical-themed relics at the Naval Museum of Quebec, as well as steeply inclined streets perfect for keeping an eye on the cruise ship’s going ons. Beyond the port rests the Museum of Civilization, a collection of stories told throughout humanity as well as the priceless opportunity to see parallels with the modern and the ancient. Another place great for getting immersed in the local passerby is Place des Canotiers, home to promenades and lawns looking out at the epic flow of the St. Lawrence River as well as connected trails leading to the famed architecture across The Montmorency Park National Historic Site. To end the day scenic, walk over to the Funicular du Vieux-Québec, an electric inclined cable car built in the late 1800s and offering the perfect lookout of the ship from old fort ruins turned modern history museum at La Citadelle de Québec.

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