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Mar 02, 2024
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Because there’s almost too much to do in Philadelphia, there’s typically a lot of traffic on the streets. This can be an especially big problem for big groups, making a bus the smartest choice for transportation. Instead of splitting up by utilizing public transportation, or a smaller vehicle, book with GOTO LIMOS EXECUTIVE or ICS, Book A Limo for your own chartered bus.


Once everyone is on board, head over to the spacious and historic Second Bank of the United States for a walk through 1816. Built in the Greek revival style, the building was the second authorized Hamiltonian national bank. Though only around for 20 years since its opening, the facility is now a museum and a relic of a distant memory.


Whether you’re attempting to stumble upon something historic or not, it’s hard not to with every corner of every street having some sort of history behind it. This is especially true with Walnut Street Theatre, America’s first playhouse. Still operating to this day, visit with a big group and enjoy a real-life neighborhood play.
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