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Dec 01, 2023
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There’s a lot to see in Paris, and with a city that speaks, as many languages as it does it can be hard to get around, let alone discuss the latest happenings. Get to the right place at the right time by hiring someone that knows the area best – a local. Contact us to schedule a pick-up with one of their ridesharings, each one as capable as they are interested in your vacation being the best it could possibly be.


If you’re interested in something a bit shocking, but historically fascinating, ask your driver to take you to the famous Catacombs of Paris. The illuminated labyrinth of skulls was once a limestone mine and has been nicknamed by locals as the ‘Gate of Hell’ since the early 18th century. Schedule a tour with Skip the Line, or be a daredevil and go rogue – but remember to bring a flashlight.


The Canal Saint-Martin stretches three miles across downtown Paris and is a great place to get dropped off by your local driver; mainly it intersects with a lot of main streets. Go for a walk along the river and spend the afternoon shopping, enjoying the scenery, or venture into one of the many underground tunnels that connect to the canal walkway.
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