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Aug 19, 2022
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Share your time with someone while you’re in town, whether it’s with a friend or a local you just met. Let the first local you say hi to be a helpful one by reserving an afternoon with one of our area drivers. With a gilded knowledge of the city and GPS-mind that knows how to get there quickly, you’ll get to beautiful beachside cafes in the day and vibrant cocktail lounges at night.


Blend in with the area by hanging out at a local café for a few hours, something easy to do whether you’re having an early morning downtown or a memorable night under the stars. Eat at A Latte Café, a gourmet coffee shop home to exotically imported coffee beans alongside quaint digs that include a mini-library and free Wi-Fi. For an eccentric neighborhood joint, visit Café Stella, a local watering hole for artists with low-price meals and a relaxing hardwood space.


Spend the evening exploring the Neon District, a side of town that possesses a certain quality perfect for using your driver’s smarts. Ask your driver to take you somewhere cool and secluded, starting your adventure at Granby Social Club, a spacious bar with speckled lighting and craft cocktails. For something hearty to go along with your drink, grab a bite to eat at Black Tuna Grill, home to a hip bar and freshly-made food.
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