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Dec 06, 2021
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Located south of Bellevue, the city of Newcastle is a shining town that brings the beauty of Seattle’s most sprawled-out natural area to a quaint suburb worth seeing the world change. Surrounded by tall pines and water on practically every side, you’ll enjoy the town’s quaint placement and long string of resorts that makes every moment easy to look forward to. Just because there’s something you can’t see doesn’t mean it’s not there, a good thing to keep in mind before worrying about how you’ll get from SeaTac to your hotel, a 13-minute trek made easier with an airport shuttle.


Take advantage of the night by picking out the right hotel, spending as much time in the city as the area’s natural backdrop, whether it’s for an important business meeting or a day of leisure. Most of the hotels in the area are located in Bellevue, a nearby city located just north of Newcastle. A great place to choose in the area is Larkspur Landing Bellevue, home to warm rooms with fireplaces that make every evening perfect for hot cocoa. For something close and simple, reserve a room at the Econo Lodge Near Bellevue Square, a 2-star facility with complimentary breakfast and an outdoor pool that brings the beauty of the heavens down to earth.


Seize the day by riding it to a destination worth getting lost, whether it’s through the winding trails of Cougar Mountain Regional Park or the fresh seafood at Calcutta Grill near the opening of the trailhead. Explore even more of the area’s cuisine by heading to the corner of Coal Creek Parkway and Newcastle Way, an intersection that brings everyone together with worldly flavors that range from wood-fired pizzas at Tuscan Stone to Thai-Chinese fusion at the insatiable Yea’s Wok.

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