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Dec 06, 2021
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With so many places to settle down across the world, it’s hard to imagine only a handful of people settled on Lake Forest Park. The northern Seattle neighborhood breaks apart from the city life while still staying close enough to observe it, and whether you spend that time observing the friendly people or vibrant food, you’ll begin to feel like you’re home in no time. With over half an hour between Lake Forest and Paine Field, getting the help of an airport shuttle is a task that’s not only helpful, but detrimental to your enjoyment.


Keep things cordial by staying in a space that keeps the good vibes rolling, reserving a room that astonishes the mind and refuels the body. A great place to do this is Lake Forest Park Guest Cottage, an ornate home with old rugs, vintage decor, and hardwood spaces that pave the way toward brave new adventures. For something modestly priced and placed in an area that makes it easy to follow the signs of the city, reserve a room at Golden West Motel on 240th Street, or stay across town at the equally-enjoyed Studio 6 off Interstate 5.


Make the most of the day by keeping track of what’s important, enjoying the flow of nature as much as the interaction with people. A great place to do both is Pfingst Animal Acres Park, a well-maintained area with historic busts and a native cat population that brings out a certain magic. Get totally immersed in nature by checking out the lush surroundings of Grace Col Nature Park, a family-friendly getaway with human-carved trails and trees so tall, you’ll get the best view by looking up.

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