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A beautiful port city showcasing some of Japan’s finest street food, Osaka is known across the world for its experimental takes on Japanese cuisine as well as countless landmarks ranging from old Shinto shrines to modern-day skyscrapers. With two main airports serving the area, Kansai International is by far the most popular - with about 50 minutes driving time from downtown Osaka, secure transportation is especially important for getting out of the facility. Book a private rental for the freedom to see each corner of the city, whether it’s a sedan perfect for seeing the Sennan Prefecture’s hidden beaches or a family-friendly SUV that allows guests as much as possible to time explore the sky-high village atop Mount Ikon. The city also has dozens of transportation networks via light rails, subways and trains.


Due to the airport’s distant location from downtown Osaka, the best places to stay in terms of keeping close to your flight include the small cities of Sennan and Izumisano, both of which are located within the Osaka Prefecture. Some of the best hotels include various waterfront stays like the Hotel Kirara Resort Kanku as well as the Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport, each offering high-rise views of Osaka Bay alongside upscale on-site restaurants. A few hotels are even located at the airport, which floats at the center of Osaka Bay, popular options including Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport and First Cabin Kansai Airport, each offering unmatched convenience to the terminal as well as the Kansai-Airport Train Station. And of course, low-priced options are offered through a few hostel stays ranging from Greenwood Hostel’s colorful bunks to the traditional tatami mat flooring of Mimatsuso.


Have an itinerary the moment you land by looking forward to various landmarks surrounding the airport, from on-site views of Osaka Bay at the KIX Observation Hall Sky View to various festive parks, museums and shinto shrines waiting just past the bridge in the city of Izumisano. Continue north toward downtown Osaka when you get the chance as well, stopping by hidden gems along the way that include Kaizuka’s Kishiwada Castle as well as the stunning rose garden and cherry blossoms that overwhelm the senses at Izumiotsu Hamadera Park. Once you’re at the heart of downtown, take a stroll down the iconic street food vendors of Kuromon Ichiba Market, afterward walking through the 16th-century gardens & museums held at Osaka Castle.


In the remote outskirts of Osaka Sennan District, the modest amenities of Marine Lodge Kaifukan provides unmatched views of Osaka Bay in addition to nearby access to Kansai International Airport. The boat-shaped stay is especially popular with business travelers heading to the nearby Tannowa Community Center, and includes old world settings fully accompanied by rooms with tatami mats and chabudai tables, in addition to sky-high elevation showcasing Osaka Bay’s beauty. Relaxed on-site dining also brings Osaka’s best flavors out, while an indoor bath house provides an eight-person hot tub great for total tranquility. shuttles to Kansai International are not provided, although the nearby Tan-Nowa Train Station provides instant connections to Osaka Nankai Main Line. Other means of transportation include private vehicle rentals such as small sedans and massive chartered buses, with meet-and-greet services including the luxury of stretched limousines and unmatched efficiency of a taxi.


Look forward to nearby delights by first taking advantage of shoreline attractions, from the bright beauty of Senna Satoumi Park’s many beach-lined campsites to Cafe Azito’s fresh brunch menu blended with ethereal sea views. For something even more immersive, continue west toward Misaki Park, a large amusement area fully stocked with towering water slides, a petting zoo and live dolphin shows - close to Misaki Park are a wide variety of other attractions, including the historic Japanese train carts at Exciting Railway Train as well as awesome networking opportunities at the scenic Osaka Golf Club. Various mountains also rest in the far southern outskirts toward the country, many of which include Sennan’s famous Motodoriyama peak as well as the family-friendly installations scattered across Hitotoshizennofureai Koen Forest Park. At the end of the evening, head east of the hotel toward Kennan's famous food scene, which includes traditional Indian cuisine from Namaste Surya as well as fun conveyor belt servings from Kiyoshiro Sushi.

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