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Gough Island Cruise shuttles

Gough Island Cruise Shuttles

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Jun 27, 2024
05:10 PM (17:10)
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An extension of the isolated English isles of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, the vastly untouched terrain of Gough Island is one that makes for great afternoon hikes and isolated moments of introspection. With Edinburgh of the Seven Seas being the closest settlement, the nearest place for a cruise ship to dock still rests over two hundred miles from Gough Island’s north shore. Smaller speed boats can carry passengers across the Tristan da Cunha Archipelago for a day of afternoon hikes, while cruise ships who actually anchor along Gough Island can have small boats tender guests ashore. A lack of public transportation and roads in general make land transfers impossible for maneuvering through the island’s rigorous environment, although good sunscreen and hiking boots can go a long way.


A vast ecosystem of wildlife graces a mostly jagged coastline, some beaches and the land, though few footpaths can be found. Where footpaths do go, however, are toward a trove of secluded waterfalls. Kayakers, surfers and mountain climbers will especially feel at home exploring the land and sea aspects of the region, while calm activities can be enjoyed along the north shore, a la afternoon snorkeling and bird-watching, in search of the region’s vast albatross and penguin communities, not to mention select isles that at low tide become tanning stones for sea lions. A central peak, though difficult to scale, offers rewarding vistas of the water at sunset, while smaller off-shore islands offer secluded gravel beaches for quick picnics. And for dinner in a more traditional setting, travel north toward Edinburgh for beloved fish and chips at the Albatross Bar.

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