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Sep 28, 2021
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Separate your wants from your needs by getting through Spokane at the ease of your driver’s hand, a task especially easy when you book one of our quick taxis to pick you up. Keep lessons learned by sticking to your word, whether that means arriving to a pre-planned meeting on time or listening to that voice in yourself that says, take a break. And with so much to do in a place that’s constantly growing, it won’t be hard to find that break.


If there’s a busy event with your name on it, arrive early to not only beat the traffic but get the most out of your day. The two buildings that make up The Spokane Convention Center create a modern getaway that makes a playful world out of redundant conferences. Also home to unique festivals and concerts, the waterfront venue isn’t one to shy away from a good time. Get a ride to your nearby hotel afterward by making sure your driver picks you up, or go out for coffee & sweets at Boots Bakery & Lounge.


If you only know Spokane as a city that brings you in with work, papers, and stress, change the tune by doing something fun in the pause. Feel like a king as you stroll through the decadent Duncan Garden, an astounding botanical scenery that stands as a testament to just how vibrant the natural world’s geometry can be. Plan to spend several hours looking at the gorgeous backdrop, walking alone in the fields or enjoying the flowering buds with a new romance.
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