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Federal Wharf of Baie-Comeau (Quai Fédéral De Baie-Comeau) Transfers shuttles

Federal Wharf of Baie-Comeau Transfer Shuttles

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Dec 01, 2023
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A small port town several hundred miles from Quebec City, the small community of Baie-Comeau (Comeau Bay) is a land often revered for its parks and rocky beaches. Cruise travelers will find their boats docking at the town’s northeast Federal Wharf of Baie-Comeau, a good transfer spot for utilizing the Baie-Comeau River Station’s ferry service. Travel south along Avenue Cartier for intimate views of Comeau Bay, the best ways to do so being through the intimacy of relaxed sedans and SUVs, each admirable for their ability to not only see things without the pressure of another’s schedule but taking the time to admire each passing wave. Meet-and-greet services exchange this with the freedom of drop offs at any given point, not only through the quick ease of taxis but local personal drivers who can offer a bouquet of suggestions not only on where to grab a bite to eat but where to enjoy everyday hangouts.


Discover the beauty of Baie-Comeau’s small town charm with an escape into the region’s forested terrain. Close to the cruise port are a handful of landmarks, one of the most tourist friendly being Le Jardin des Glaciers and its combination of indoor glacier exhibits and outdoor observation deck lookouts by the bay. Get more information on what there is to do by stopping by the Bureau d’information Touristique de Baie Comeau, a welcoming tourist center home to brochures and lighthearted recommendations, distant views of the cruise port and all its going ons also visible from the next door ferries of the Baie-Comeau River Station. Get even more astonishing views by continuing north toward Mont Ti-Basse, a popular ski resort good for spending an afternoon in the mountains, while downtown’s Parc des Pionniers offers calming beach views in warmer months. Closer to town, Parc des Pionniers is walking distance to scenic bike trails as well as courtyard views from the patio of Restaurant Bar Les Trois Barils.

Federal Wharf of Baie-Comeau (Quai Fédéral De Baie-Comeau) Transfers airport shuttle service