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Feb 25, 2024
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As the southernmost point of Florida’s Keys, Key West is a beacon of wildlife teeming with natural wonderment. For those planning to traverse this tip as a large group, make sure everyone experiences it fondly by providing enough space to relax and take it in. Keep the good times rolling by reserving a bus from us, treating each stop like the special moment it is.


Treat yourself to an afternoon of wonder by finding the best hidden gems in Key West, one of the best kept secrets being Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden, a sanctuary filled with friendly parrots rescued from endangered wildlife. Perfect for kids, the colorful scenery creates an environment that allows visitors to have picnics, make their own souvenirs, and interact with some of the local wildlife.


Treat everyone to a special spook by taking part in Florida’s ghost-loving tradition. Do so by going on a tour with Conch Ghost Tours, a haunting experience that transforms even the biggest skeptics into believers. Part-history, part-haunted house, the attraction creates the perfect balance of informative history & artful storytelling. Afterward, stay in the past by going on a tour through Oldest House & Garden Museum, a 19th-century Victorian home that doubles as a tranquil place of rest.
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