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Center One Handa hotel shuttles

Center One Handa Hotel Shuttles

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Dec 06, 2021
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A basic stay for the efficient at heart, Centre One Hotel Handa provides central access to the city of Handa as well as various Chita Bay attractions. Offering ten stories of relaxation, each simple room comes with plush comforters and a modern desk, while specialty suites go even simpler with minimalist tatami mats and low-level chabudai tables. Select family rooms also add sofas as well as the option to have staff bring up extra cots. Extra perks include an on-site breakfast buffet fully stocked with Japanese and western delights, in addition to close access to public transportation ranging from the Meitetsu Kowa Line via Chitahanda Station to the parallel Taketoyo Line via the Handa Station. For all the freedom to come and go as you please, choose from various private vehicle options that include quaint sedans for visiting the countryside to spacious vans and SUVs perfect for getting the whole family to Tokoname Chubu Centrair International Airport.


And of course, no trip to the area would be complete without a relaxed tour of the entire Chita Peninsula, from the naturalistic modern art showcased at Nankichi Niimi Memorial Museum to the historic village atmosphere surrounding Solder Red Brick Building’s tourist-friendly exhibits. Continue south of the peninsula for even more attractions, finding family-friendly wonderment at Minamichita Green Valley (南知多グリーンバレイ), acclaimed for its variously themed obstacle courses great for intermixing fun with exercise, then topping the evening off with a visit to the small mountainside village of Minamichita on the far southern end, home to lush seaside views from Hazu Shrine as well as breathtaking lookouts from the Observatory of Hazu-Misaki Promontory. Consider a locally popular bite to eat while you wait as well, choosing between a wide variety of nearby restaurants that include traditional Indian from Larry Glass (ラリーグラス) as well as classic Italian recipes at Pizza Napoletana Yamakita.

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