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Aug 19, 2022
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Located along Handa’s main urban canal, Business Hotel Ark Handa provides the perfect angle to enjoy Japan’s Chita Peninsula. Modest rooms are made simple with tatami mats and cozy chabudai table, while select rooms offer elevated mattresses and western work desks. For leisure, added conveniences include in-room televisions as well as free Wi-Fi throughout the building, not to mention a brightly lit recreation room home to couches, a computer and a vending machine. Bathrooms are shared communally and include a bath house-style hot tub & sauna, while lockers add extra security for personal belongings. Also convenient are two main train lines; the Meitetsu Kowa Line, accessible via the Aoyama Station to the west, and the Taketoyo Line, accessible from the Higashi-Narawa Line to the east. Neither of these routes, however, provide quick transfers to Chubu Centrair International in Tokoname, which can easily be fixed with the help of private vehicle rental and meet-and-greet services ranging from personal sedans and SUVs to stretched limousines and taxis.


And for those interested in what all there is to do in the immediate area, find beauty hidden in various urban nooks & crannies ranging from the neighborhood waterfall at Ninboyama Park to down-the-street coffee courtesy of Shandur. Also popular with professionals is golf by the bay at Solder Golf Links, located just a few hundred feet east of the hotel, while indoor getaways range from the grocery-oriented Shopping Plaza Lara down the street as well as the hyper-modern Power Dome Solder (パワードーム半田) at the heart of downtown. While you’re downtown, find culture and history by simply following the canal, moving from the ancient artifacts and old architecture of Kunimori Sake Culture Center (國盛酒の文化館) toward a gleaming modern art scene inside Mitsukan Museum. Finding dinner when it’s all over is especially easy with how many grocers are near, though restaurants are just as plentiful and include classic ramen recipes from Miso Shop Noodle Shiro Honten as well as FUZZY's chicken-oriented dishes.

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