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Jun 27, 2024
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When you’re trying to enjoy your time in a city that’s unfamiliar, nothing helps more than getting some help from someone that knows the area well. Schedule a pick up from our taxi services, getting through the city’s rush hour without having to rush at all. From important business arrivals to unbelievable landmarks worth taking a break for, you’ll have plenty of time to do what you want, plus more.


Nothing makes a professional feel well-prepared like the confidence of arriving early enough to make a great first impression. Get dropped off at the Connecticut Convention Center with little hassle by having your taxi take you right to the front. Grab lunch afterward by eating somewhere close like Infinity Hall, a savory bistro with live comedy acts and two-level seating.


Once you have everything squared away, ask your driver to take you around the city, enjoying something that’ll shave the stress off work. A great place to enjoy history and nature of the area is the Talcott Mountain State Park, home to beautiful wildlife and a tall tower with panoramic views, not to mention endless trails that force you to forget the world.
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